Friday, March 19, 2010

Delmon Young Concentrating on Sexy

It was encouraging to hear that Delmon Young arrived at camp looking as fit as ever. I guess he dropped 20 pounds, or something. I don't know if anyone necessarily questioned his work ethic, (personally I'd always thought his running style was designed by Delmon to make his team mates laugh) but there had been rumors that he didn't listen to coaches. So maybe this weight loss business meant he was re-committing himself to the sport and to the team.

Not so fast.

In this spring training interview with FSN, Delmon explains his reason for losing the weight. The video is subtitled, "Delmon Young [talks] about how he revamped his body in the offseason and comparisons between the Twins and the Rays, the team that traded him to Minnesota."

I'll save you the trouble of actually watching the video. Delmon answers both questions awkwardly while breaking the fourth wall numerous times. First, he states that there is no difference between the Tampa Bay Rays organization and the Twins. Delmon needs to brush up on a very important rule of being a Minnesota Twin: always tell people this is a unique, special and amazing organization. Talk about the great clubhouse atmosphere and how we like to "do the little things right".

He then explains why he lost weight, "I just hope to look good in uniform."

At first I thought he was joking around; perhaps one of the greatest deadpans in Twins interview history. But Delmon continues, "I may run a little faster, play better defense, but it definitely doesn't help your hitting."

Now just imagine how silly this is. Here's a former number one overall pick who has under-performed for most of his career. He starts eating healthier and working out heavily over the offseason. But while he's drinking his slimfast and pumping iron, he's not thinking about how he's going to prove himself on the field. He's not dreaming of home runs or spectacular catches. He's thinking about how good he's going to look when he puts on that uniform. After losing a bunch of weight while fighting the flu, he looked at himself in the mirror and thought, "this won't help my hitting at all, but just look at how great I look!"


Bryz said...

*sigh* I doubt he'll ever live up to the high expectations. Sadly, I think he's one of those guys that got through most of his professional career on talent alone, but once he's faced with adversity, he won't step up to the challenge.

TwinsWin83 said...

as long as "looking good in his uniform" really means "not swinging at every curveball low and away out of the zone" then Im fine with him concentrating on sexy.
Heck, maybe we all should concentrate a little more on sexy if it improves our on base percentage.

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