Wednesday, May 30, 2007

References to purple in rock music

by M.L. Haas

1. Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix (1967)

2. Deep Purple (Band created in 1968)

3. Purple Rain - Prince (1984)

4. Purple (album) - Stone Temple Pilots (1994)

Am I missing anything?


bres said...

Deep Purple blows.

the Dutchie said...

purple people eaters

haasertime said...

whats purple people eaters?

"my woman from tokyo" sometimes gets stuck in my head.
but yeah, they blow.

how could i forget purpleskymagazine! i have a subscription and everything

brex said...

Purple Ribbon Records is a hip-hop record label owned by rapper Big Boi of the rap duo Outkast.

bizmarkie507 said...

I looked up the lyrics for pink by aerosmith, assuming there might be a purple reference somewhere and there, and I didn't realize how vulgar those lyrics are.

I was going to mention purple pills, but that's definately not rock

bizmarkie507 said...

There's gotta be an 80s hair metal song with lyrics talking about high heels and a purple dress.

soup said...

How about They Might Be Giant's "Purple Toupee." TMBG still holds a special place in my heart.
I found the music video:

soup said...

oh, and the Chili peppers had that song on californication I think it was called purple stain.

black and white
red and blue
things that look good on you
and if I scream don't let me go
a purple stain
I know

...something like that

brex said...

The Mulberry Purple is a popular Modern Rock band

Daymonster said...

this may be obvious to you all, but what brought about this "purple, rock and roll" reference?

haasertime said...

i was just thinkin a long tim ago about purple rain and purple haze, and then i looked at my shelf and saw the STP album, and smoke on the water was on the radio.

i may write a song or poem called

purple revelation

although that sounds kinda like something a person coming out of the closet would write.