Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I sure do feel like I'm being taken advantage of when I go to the bars

by Michael Haas

Listen, I don't carry any cash most of the time

Have you ever been to a bar or some place and seen a sign that read "minumum purchase of $10" or else they won't swipe your card? Well it turns out that the establisment is violating their agreement with my credit card company when they do that. It's kind've a long story, but I'll try to bullet point it.

- the bar is charged a transaction fee each time I use my credit card

- the bar makes a greater percentage of a 20 dollar purchase than it would a 3 dollar purchase.

- many places apparently don't make ANY money when you put something on your card for three dollars

- many small places feel they are being taken advantage of by the large credit card companies

- some claim that the bars and places are forced to pass on those fees to the consumer, in the form of higher prices

- when the retailer signed an agreement with the credit card company, they agreed to accept credit cards for all valid reasons. not spending enough money is not a valid reason.

So the Contented Cow and the RuebnStein had these signs up. They are now rightfully gone.

I was at the Cow the other night, and this bartender was very unprofessional. I opened a tab thinking that I would have a few beers, but I ended up only putting that first one on there.
I went to close it out at the end of the night and this dude looks at my card and looks at me and this exchange followed. (this guy was sassy and condescending)

dbag: five dollars?
me: Yeah, thats the one. I guess I only had one beer
dbag: you don't have any cash or anything?
me: no, I don't.
D-bag (all sassily): alright, five dollars *swipe*

I was so fucking pissed. Who the hell is this guy to ask me if I have any cash? I should get him fired. And why did I tip him? Why couldn't I think of anything to say at that moment?

Other instances where I feel degraded at the bars

Then theres the whole getting-kicked-out-of-the-bar thing. I believe there is no grey area here. You either deserve to get kicked out or you don't. I have only been kicked out twice; once I deserved it, once I didn't. Just because someone is drunk and wearing a Columbia jacket instead of a leather jacket, doesn't mean I can't go back in after making a phone call. Oh and then they had a change of heart and decided to let me back in - if I paid the five dollar cover AGAIN. fuck those guys. The other time i got kicked out was because I was blacked out and felt like serving myself some drinks. Alright, I'll leave, but you dont have to throw me off the barstool and drag me out by my collar. These bouncers all think they're so much better just because they're sober.
I can't think anymore. Downtown Minneapolis pisses me off. It seems like so many people are way drunk trying to fight people or rape girls. So many people are just wasted. And the few sober people - oh they think they're so sweet; they get to tell drunks what to do.

Yeah, I'm defintitly going to get ripped for this one - for being a cheapass negative nancy. I just had two bad experiences this past weekend, so I had to get this off my chest. I encourage anyone with a story to share that with us.


haasertime said...

don't worry folks, i will post something that is sunny - happy - flowery soon.

sorry, i know some of my friends have heard me rant on this kinda thing before. i'm such a fucker.

the Dutchie said...

Well mike...

All i can say is; You are definetly a cheapass, negative nancy.

And stop guzzling from the tap like you are Barney sitting at Moe's.

Daymonster said...

I'm with mike,

78.7% of bars suck.

bizmarkie507 said...

There are four reasons why I do not like block E.

1. Every 15 feet a bum asks you for change and/or a cigarette.

2. Most bar drinks are about $2.00 overpriced.

3. Every single bar plays the same top 40 hip hop songs. I remember walking 4 city blocks one saturday night last spring, and as I walked, I heard the exact same T.I. song at three different clubs. (the theme song for ATL)

4. Too many customers/proprietors try to make it seem like they are in LA, when in fact they are in Minnesota.

I remember going to some stupid dance club downtown, and first of all, they charged me an 8 dollar cover, solely because I have a penis. Once I'm inside, this chick started dancing close by me, and I wasn't facing her, or paying any attention to her. So then she inched closer to me. I still didnt turn to her. So then she got even closer. So then I'm like, hey maybe this woman really wants to dance with me. Then I turn to her and start dancing, and the second I showed her attention, she quickly walked away and fed her attention addiction towards some other poor sap. I passionately hate block E.

soup said...

I haven’t been here to this blog in a while. I will never make that mistake again. Good stuff boys.

My take on going to bars downtown (option A) vs not going to bars downtown (option B)
Option A: I could go to a bar downtown, spend $50 to get drunk, hang out in a place inhabited with Tool McShederson and 500 hair geled and popped collared clones, dance with fat chicks, get denied by hot chicks, and leave too broke to pay the parking ramp attendant.

Option B: I could hang out with friends, spend $10 to get drunk, hang out in a place inhabited with people I generally like, hang out with girls I actually have a change with, drunk dial hot chicks I have no chance with, and pass out with a high blood alcohol level and money in my checking account.

Option B is clearly the bee’s knees

I, like Haas, have also been kicked out of bars twice. Mine, however, were both very, very deserving.

haasertime said...

thanks soup.

you put make the argument as true and as classy as ever.

you should write something soon.

Abe Frohman said...

yeah, those minimum to use credit card signs are stupid!!!

bres said...

1. Haas is overly sensitive about people ripping on his frugal tendencies.

2. Wuters is a party pooper. Stop going to the wrong bars.

bizmarkie507 said...

Well I've been to Brothers on Wednesdays a few times, and I have to admit my experiences there weren't bad. But I just don't like having to shout to the person standing next to me in order for them to hear me talk. And I don't know any bars in block E were that is possible.

haasertime said...

bresnahan nailed us

TwinsWin83 said...

Hey, atleast you people have options down in the cities. Spend a month up here in North Dakota and I guarentee you will reconsider you "issues" with drinking downtown. The town I attend college in has 2 main bars, one of which is considered the "college" hangout which pretty much a hole but where most of the people around my age get their drink on. The other, much nicer then the first, would be a better hangout if everyone of the towns many, many near homeless alcoholics didnt spend every afternoon and evening there. Two choices if I want to drink at a bar. Neither of which is all that enjoyable. Now I'll admit drinks dont cost as much up here but I'd rather have the choices and possibilites of actually experiencing soemthing interesting while Im out like you have when you go out Downtown. I dont know, maybe bars in general crappy.

Jeff said...

I'm with bres...you guys need to find yourselves some new bars...there are plenty out there so stop whining about a $4 beer and have some fun