Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Blogging: An Insiders Perspective

This Entry by Haas

Alright, I'm not an insider. I couldn't even defend blogging in a rational way after my friend said "I hate blogs" when i told him of my hot new idea. So I say to my friend I say, "Alright I'm going to write a blog post about this." Oh he thought that was hilarious.

So what is blogging? Where did it begin? Well, it turns out that the ancient Egyptians began popular blogging (back then it was called a web log) by hyroglyphing about the construction of their new sphinx. Not unlike Dave St. Peters blog about the new Twins ballpark. (sphinxblog was updated more often)

As religious and intellectual freedom began to flourish, individuals began blogs about their feelings, upcoming marriages, and lots of other stupid shit.

Today there are around 200 blogs worldwide. I have viewed many of them, and found that they can be broken into two main groups: Shit Ass Blogs and Agenda Blogs.

Agenda Blogs are those with a point/topic/agenda who wish to share that with others. These include any blogs that market an idea, a writer, a product; and any blogger who believes they have something to add to society.
Shit Ass Blogs have no apparent point, and are simply a more personal thing documenting every day life and thoughts. People (me) made this because i'm bored at work.

These two types of (true) blogs have one thing in common: the bloggers enjoy writing and knowing that anyone in the world can see it.

I really think that to hate blogging is stupid. Blogs are like people - theres lots of em and they're all talking shit. But you dont have to listen to em; and if you pick the right ones, they can be cool and interesting.

This blog is made for my friends and family. My friends and family will post things on here. If you aren't in said group and you enjoy reading this blog, we're happy to have you. If you aren't in said group and you hate this blog, well guess what it's not written for you anyway so go fuck yourself.


the Dutchie said...

hyroglyphing? Is that how they did it?

I love shit ass blogs.

Anonymous said...

Get your own damn place or shut the H:E:L:L: UP!!!! Also, if you put some damn weight on you wouldn't freeze in the morning. FAT PEOPLE ARE HARDER TO KIDNAP!!!!