Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Getting out there...

written by The Dutchie

At this point, I would like to do a number of things. One of which is travel. I would like to travel to see the things that I've only read about. Travel to see something that is only in that place at that time. Travel to discover the differences from here to there. I would like to see, mountains, rivers, oceans, valleys, grass, animals, sand, stadiums, buildings, natural art, man made art, and all sorts of people. I would like to travel to be alone. Travel to spend unique time with others. Travel to expand my mind, and its boundaries.

If you have any suggestions of where it is that I might find what I am looking for, you should add a comment.


haasertime said...

i'd like to go to Cuba.

Anonymous said...

Canada will solve all your problems, except if you get sick.

Pat said...

Dutchie, although I don't know you, I hope to at some point and, as a whole, traveling is a blast.

I have and do want to see everything there is to see, even though this is not a realistic goal. My favorite part of traveling is the ability to feel as though being there in that moment is being in the best possible place at that possible time. Also, I enjoy the feeling that man can do some amazing things when he tries to and picking up on good ideas wherever they may be.

Traveling, although probably less of a headache alone, is more enjoyable after with someone that you can talk with and preferably care about because after the fact it makes the moment much more special. Although being alone sometimes is fun and you don't have to worry about satisfying anyone else's wants but your own, I would say that it is best with someone else you are close to. Having the ability to enjoy being where you are is a great gift, I just don't always have it, but it also has lead me to see some kick ass things.

Above all, do it, if you don't enjoy the process or the sights or the people. Usually you get some amusing anecdotes out of the deal.