Monday, May 21, 2007

Architect: Twins New Stadium to be "Absurdly Small"

From the AP:

In a ballpark age where intimacy is everything, the new ballpark in Minneapolis will be taking that idea to the extreme. The Twins plan to break ground in July, but some officials and fans worry about exactly what type of stadium will be there in 2010. The site on which the stadium will be built is by all accounts, very small. The plot of land is now causing all kinds of controversy around the area, and have many speculating on consequences of an imperfect site.

The stadium situation in Minnesota is never calm, even as proposals have passed and tax dollars are accumulated. The Twins organization first went public with stadium proposals over ten years before anything was passed. The original plan had the fabulous new stadium built along the Mississippi River next to the old Ames flour mill, but the Guthrie snatched up that real estate for their new multimillion dollar theater. Speculation swirled that the Twins would be forced to build between a freeway and a trash burner. That speculation came to realization in the spring of 2006, when HOK sport architects revealed renderings of a stadium behind the Target Center.

The site is so small that the Twins, the architects and the City of Minneapolis will have to make some sacrifices to fit the ballpark and infrastructure into the area. The baseball players have quieted their enthusiasm over the dream of a nicer clubhouse. The Metrodome currently has the smallest clubhouses and player facilities of any major league baseball stadium, and the Twins look like they well keep the title - with current architect specifications calling for a six foot ceiling and only one shower.

Local slugger Joe Mauer expressed concern. "I think the new ballpark will be great for fans. Outdoor baseball really is something special, but sometimes I wonder if this move is the best thing for our organization."

Mauer is currently floating an idea to baseball officials which would see the Twins splitting their home games between the Metrodome and the new stadium.

"From what I hear, the dimensions of the stadium might actually change how the game is played. I'm just not sure how I feel about that. I'm used to running 90 ft to first base, ya know?"

A call to HOK Sport confirmed that there could be drastic changes to the field dimensions.

"Making the base paths 80 ft and the foul lines 250 ft with a 32 foot wall, was the only way we could realistically fit a stadium with a 20,000 person capacity into the space available. Major League Baseball, the players and umpires union have given us the go-ahead"

Other rumored ideas to save space include having zero women’s bathrooms, underground concession stands, and specific timed seat assignments, to ease pedestrian congestion in the remarkably narrow hallways.

Even though many worry about the new home of the Twins, fans generally express optimism and excitement for outdoor Major League Baseball in Minnesota. The new place will seat less than one third of the Metrodome, so fans are clamoring for ticket priority. Season ticket sales are up 23 percent - apparently an indication that fans are willing to spend money to get in line for the tough ticket that will be Twins Baseball in 2010. Strangely though, zero women have shown interest in season tickets or the new stadium in general.


haasertime said...

yeah, i wrote this a while ago. i know phil and bres have read this before.

maybe Tyner can hit a home run in the new ballpark.

for more (true) twins stadium coverage, check out these links.

bres said...

Oh relax with this specualtion. Have you looked at the comparison to other existing ballparks they have on the twins website? It's going to be fine. besides the dome sucks, you know this, move on from the past. 1991 was a long ass time ago.

haasertime said...

dude, all i'm saying is that i wish we weren't getting a new stadium.

the Dutchie said...

Stop being such a pessimist! I know that it is just a spoof, but i dont like the negativity you have built up toward our beautiful new stadium. what sort of person wouldnt be exstatic for a new baseball stadium to come to their town?

although i will miss the metrodome, as i have grown fawned of its familiarity and everpleasant set temperatures. i would like to say, this stadium will grow on you and by the end of your life, you will have seen more games in that park, than in the dome.

haasertime said...

you twos over reaction to this really makes me want to start an anti-ballpark pro-dome movement.

This was written to play on my own fears in a humorous way. To take those fears of a small playing field and small stadium to a humorous level (80 ft bases - thats funny)

I guess i did write this when i was overly concerned about it. In truth, I think the new stadium will rock. the design renderings on the twins website reveal a fantastic and unique ballpark. I am excited.

the groundbreaking ceremony is in AUGUST. does anyone want to get totally shitfaced with me and go?

bres said...

yes I will go with you