Thursday, May 24, 2007

Garnett Needs to be Traded

by Tom Daymont
I really feel bad for Kevin Garnett. It has gotten to the point where my loyalty to KG outweighs my loyalty to the T-wolves. If McHale decides to do the decent thing and trade Garnett, my loyalties will then lie with his new team, any team. (besides the Lakers)
Glen Taylor and Kevin McHale have messed up Garnett’s career more than Coach Reilly messed up Gordon Bombay’s in The Mighty Ducks.
Riley: You got something to say to me, Bombay?
Bombay: (shakes head) To think, I wasted all those years worrying about what you thought. You're going down, Riley.
I digress, my point is this: please, oh please Basketball Gods let the T-wolves get the first pick. I just did ESPN’s Mock NBA Lottery Draft and it took me 62 simulations before the T-Wolves won the first pick. This is far worse than the 5.3% chance we are supposed to have. According to ESPN, Minnesota’s odds are about the same as getting two pairs in five-card draw poker. Could be worse.
I would love to see Greg Oden be schooled in the ways of the NBA by KG. Think Robinson and Duncan in ’99. (this was written on the day of the lottery; wolves maintained their 7th place. maybe oden will fall?)

If this doesn’t happen, and we inevitably waste our pick on Brandan Wright (he has is own stupid-ass website) or heaven forbid, Joakim Noah, and the Wolves have another pathetic year with another group of pathetic players (sans KG of course). The Wolves have no other choice than to trade him, they owe him that much..
KG has too much pride, it’s become a fault. If he can’t recognize this, the Wolves need to do it for him. McHale needs to push him out of the nest (the Target Center) like a mother bird to her baby chick and let him fly free. But when he inevitably returns to Minneapolis (probably with a ring on his finger) I for one, will give him a hero’s welcome.


soup said...

KGesus has put with our shitty organization for too long, but he sure as hell has been financially compensated very, very nicely for his “hardship.” He is one of my favorite players of all time. I hope he gets a ring.

We need to draft a small forward or a center, and I think this draft is pretty deep in both positions. So unless Ndudi Ebi has a younger brother in this draft, we can’t screw it up too badly…right?


I’m actually a bit optimistic about having a pretty talented core of young players (and a bunch of bad players with terrible contracts).

Balls! That’s the most I have thought about the NBA since Arvydas Sabonis retired.

haasertime said...

hopefully we wont have to discuss the NBA on AH! after this post. the kg issue is THE issue. we should get it out of our system. i know waters has some strong thought on this..

the Dutchie said...

KG is getting married again?

I love Arvydas!

haasertime said...

and you know the funny thing? i would rather the wolves not be in the 2007 nba draft. We just have to give the pick to whoever next year or sometime down the road anyway, right? I would rather just have this whole McHale - jaric - davis - other really crappy players and gm toilet water flushed completely by the end of next season. but it'll still linger, cuz we'll still have to give that pick up.

yeah, this draft is supposed to be so good blah blah blah. who knows how good it is really? and the drafts down the road might be BETTER, and we'll miss out cuz we tanked it end of 07 to barely squeeze in.

Daymonster said...

I am sorry haas, I didn't realize AH! is only for baseball and what ever YOU think is important. I will keep my next post to myself (top 10 greatest sports movies, that wont be on a list of the top 10 greatest sports movies).

Just kidding. I don't know what I would do at work if AH! wasn't in existance.

haasertime said...

i dont care if we talk nba on here. i'm just sayin that i dont think this issue will change anytime soon, so there wont be a need to talk basketball. unless we want to breakdown the nba draft and talk randy 12-30 wittmans contract.

i dont know what i'd do at work if AH! didnt exist. work maybe, but i doubt it.

bizmarkie507 said...

As long as McHale is the President of Basketball Operations, the Wolves will not win a championship.

As long as Randy "The General" Wittman is the head coach, the Wolves will not win a championship.

Kevin Garnett is still good, but he is not the MVP he was a few years ago, and he's defense is slowly diminishing every year.

Did you know that Chicago was willing to trade Loul Deng, Chandler, Chris Duhon and two first round draft picks for Kevin Garnett? Guess what, McHale turned it down.

On top of Garnett's Prime drifting further away in the rear-view mirror, The Timberwolves are wasting 30 million dollars/year in cap space on bad, non-expiring contracts, making it extremely difficult to sign free agents or make worth-while trades.

Ricky Davis has trade value, but I do not see McHale being smart enough to trade him. It's no fluke that out of the three organizations (Cleveland, Boston, Minnesota) Davis has been on, they all had chemistry problems. But because of McHale being such a basketball chessmaster, I'm sure he doesn't see that connection, and just looks at his stats when he scores 35 points in games that we lose by 15.

As far as this upcoming draft, I really want Al Horford on this team, although I don't see him falling to number 7. I watched alot of Florida games over the past two years, and he has been the glue. He is a great defender, passer, rebounder, shot blocker, and he has a very good jump shot. His frame will allow him to pack on alot more muscle, and fewer people in this draft has more upside. Noah got most of ESPN's attention due to his goofy hair and loud personality, which is why Horford is a little more under the radar than he should be.

Unfortunately, I just started hearing about this 7-footer from China, and we all know McHale's storied history of adding foreigners to this team.