Friday, January 29, 2010

Don't Even Bother Reading This Blog Notes Post

- TwinsFest weekend! Back to the Dome we go. Another crack at the dome dog. Oh Boy! Check out our AH TwinsFest Guide we threw together last year. To summarize: it's barely worth attending unless you're a crazy autograph person.

- Our favorite club released their single game ticket prices for the new ballpark. Target Field has the second most pricing sections in all of baseball, featuring three tiers of games (value, select and premium,) a $10 spike in all front-row seats, and more color coding than a care bears movie.

Here's a better map, to help reduce repetitive stress syndrome.

- Did you see this headline? Jose Valverde finalizes two-year contract with... Jose Valverde.

He must take the idea of New Years Resolutions very, very seriously.

- How about this t-shirt? Anyone have experience with screen printing? We should absolutely print up a dozen of these and sell them illegally; not to make a buck, but to spread the love and be awesome pirates.

- I saw this headline on ESPN the other day:

Seems like a risky move. Dawson could end up offending a lot of Expos fans in the process.

Caption contest


Anonymous said...

Caption: "Morneau predicts the number of home runs he'll hit in close and late situations."


carl said...

"Keep your stick on the ice Gardy, all I've got left to move over to Target Field is this, obviously, and that case of Elsinore beer over there!"

TwinsWin83 said...

"Both versions produce the same results at the plate in September."

haasertime said...