Monday, February 1, 2010

Essay Contest: Orlando Hudson or Joe Mauer?

Yesterday, Twins territory was teased by rumors of imminent and important deals. The club was reported to be engaged in "serious discussions" with free-agent second baseguy Orlando Hudson. Plus, Mark Rosen came on the radio to report the Twins and Joe Mauer had agreed "in principal" on a new ten-year contract. It was an exciting day for those of us who follow the Twins disgustingly close.

If both those deals actually occur, it would represent a wild shift in (how most perceive) the teams' philosophy: cheap, cheap and cheap. The payroll would push towards $95 million, which is pretty wild considering they're opening day 2008 payroll was just $56 million.

And that's why all this seems too good to be true. It just doesn't seem possible that the Twins would shell out $3 million to Hudson and $220 million to Mauer; not for Twins fans who have spent half their lives complaining about their clubs frugal ways.

So here's the (strictly hypothetical) quandary: If you can only sign one player, which would you choose?

A few things to chew on:

- Hudson would take valuable at-bats from developing prospect Nick Punto.

- They'd have to sign Mauer to a long, long contract - seven to ten years. By that time he could be 40 to 45 years old.

- Mauer has lots of family in the area, but Hudson has NONE.

- Hudson could hit second in the lineup, instead of Jerry White.

- Mauer is a troublemaker

- Twins would have to get Hudson a new jersey and everything. Mauer already has one.

- A huge Mauer contract would eat up nearly a quarter of the teams payroll. Would the Twins have enough money left for that new dress they've had their eye on?

- Hudson is a shrimp boat captain.

Essays are due by tonight (Tuesday) at 11:55pm CST. Post them in the comments section or e-mail them to me (haasertime (at) yahoo)

Please, no funny solutions like "I think they should first sign Hudson and then use some of the Shrimp Boat money to help keep Mauer Chevrolet afloat to build goodwill with the Mauer Family so he'll sign back with us next winter after we trade him to Seattle for Ichiro in July"

Because I already thought of that.


Anonymous said...

From an old Steve Goodman song:

Woman (coyly, to her blues-loving boyfriend): "If me and B.B. King was both drownin', which one would you choose?"

Man (dismissively): Baby, I ain't never heard you play no blues."


brex said...

I want neither. Mauer is a PR nightmare and Hudson isn't an upgrade for Punto.

Keep the money and put a roof on the stadium.

Daymonster said...

all we need is a roof on the infield. leave the outfield open.

Holmer said...

We must low-ball Joe and make room for Orlando.

Joe knows that "The Bullseye" is only place he can play. Where else could he hold his celebrity status?
Go to New York where he would just be another guy who hits in the mid .300's destined for the Hall of Fame, and be endlessly ridiculed for his lack of flash and repetitive "ya knows" in front of a camera?
We embrace his humbled spirit. Girls giggle and blush at his awkward face time. He wouldn't have a lawn to mow, or a lake-side cottage to peacefully visit, and leaving here would foil any family members chances of taking advantage of his name.

Offer him a couple million a year for the rest of his career, and simply explain to him that he belongs here. I think he'd go for it.

Daymonster said...

who wants to open a Orlando Hudson Kia Dealership?

TwinsWin83 said...

I think Orlando's dealership would have a hard time competing with Steve Lombardozzi's Saturn Empire.