Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Promoting Target Field Sterotypes

They should have built Target Field with a roof. There's going to be snow on the field until mid-May. What were they thinking?

Just kidding. I heart Target Field just the way it is. It may be a bit cold in early April, but we're Minnesotans, for chrissakes. 40 degrees in April will feel downright balmy compared to what we went through the past four months.

But just to placate the snowbirds and national media blowhards, I've created this:

It's a vintage J.C. Penny's snowmobile suit. How rad and Minnesotan will I look at Target Field? Very.
How comfortable will I be?

Throw $20 bucks at me and I might be able to find one for you.


soup said...

Green with envy, I am. I'm going to have to clumsily try to fit a Twins shirt over a hoody...just like my mom used to make me do with my soccer jersey on cold days when I was little.


Amen Brother Hamilton. I feel, like Arnold Schwarzenegger might say, as if I'm surrounded by a lot of little girly men," too afraid to step toe out the door...buck up, lil' roof lovers!

Daymonster said...

I'll take 3 of the snowsuits.