Thursday, February 25, 2010

Alliteration worthy of sentiment: the dollar dog

The Twins announced yesterday that their partnership with Hormel has ended, which means the Dome Dog is no more. There was sadness and outrage at the news across Twins Territory, but that probably says more about mid-February in Minnesota than it does the lost hot dog.

I will shed no tears for the Dome Dog. It was a good wiener, to be sure. But it wasn't my first choice of food at a ballgame. The price was outrageous - $5. Do you really want me to list all the items on the McDonalds menu that cost less than $5 bucks? You could get four McChicken sandwiches; I'll just leave it at that. And don't try to tell me that the small bag of disgustingly plain potato chips made up for outrageous price.

Instead, I'll be mourning the dollar dog. I've eaten so many more dollar dogs than Dome Dogs. They weren't the best dogs in the baseball, but I grew to love their salt and vinegar musk and their soggy, ill-fitting bun. On Wednesdays, they only cost a buck! Cheaper than a McChicken!

Even most days when the steamed hot dog cost $3.50, it was still better than most stadiums standard cheapo hot dogs. The dollar dogs at U.S. Cellular are disgusting. Even the famous Dodger Dogs aren't anything special.

Now the Twins face the mighty task of coming up with a good hot dog. Oh sure, there will be plenty of delicious wiener options. Kramarczuk's will ship several different sausages from northeast daily. And if the Twins have any sense at all, they'll have a couple kosher dog stands.

But what about the standard dog? The working-mans dog? They probably think they have no obligation to provide a tasty dog at a (relatively) fair price.

But they do.


Bagman said...

Hopefully said working mans dog will be served in the same foil as its predecessor. Not only does the foil keep an affordable hot dog warm en route to your seat, it also provides an impenetrable seal for marinating that soggy bun in whatever condiments you choose.

Dollar dogs, you will be missed.

tfrezac2002 said...

Just because the partnership with Hormel has ended, doesn't mean the inevitable end of the road for the dollar dog. Perhaps it will go on hiatus for a year or two, but, it will be back. As much as local fans like to spout off how awesome the Dome Dog was, the 100 cent dog was by no means a feature unique to the MetroDome, I have gotten dollar dogs at Comiskey and Kauffman.
I'm not sure who will provide the Dogs at Target Field, but I'm sure they wont be terrible. And even if they are, the locals will buy and love them. Even make them legendary like the Dodger Dog, or the beloved Dome Dog.

haasertime said...

the metrodome dollar dog was better than any other dollar dog. That is why this whole thing is scary.

kjamison said...

amen on the kosher. can anyone say hebrew national? i also dont really care so much about the dogs as the hormel row of fame. i will surely miss that tune.