Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidents' Day post (a little late)

A bit of a downer after the raucous festivities of Nick Punto Day. But presidents are cool, too. Some were even cool enough to like baseball. As baseball became our national past-time, however, all presidents had to at least humor the game. Baseball Almanac chronicles the presidents and their involvement in baseball. Check it out. And here.

- Good old Abe Lincoln was the first to have been known to attend a baseball game. The Washington Nationals beat the Brooklyn Excelsiors 33-28. Then he died and his body got stolen. Happy Presidents Day, you guys!

- Gerald Ford was the only active president to see the Minnesota Twins play. On April 9, 1976, the Twins lost 2-1 in an 11 inning pitchers duel between Bert Blyleven and Gaylord Perry. Ford left early.