Thursday, February 11, 2010

O-Hud, D-Span, N-Punt and Lame Nicknames

I propose a new nickname for Denard Span: Every Inning. Denard 'Every Inning' Span. It's not a great nickname, but it's better than Span-Man or D-Span. Remember when baseball players had cool nicknames, like Oil Can and Rhubarb Fingers? Those were the days. Now nicknames are either a Chris Berman wordplay or the old, "first initial first name, first syllable last name" thing.

Who's our Governor?

Who's the backup quarterback?

Who did the Twins acquire to play shortstop last season?

Who was that basketball player who released a rap album?

Who did the Twins sign to play second base last week?

Give me a break. Orlando Hudson already has a nickname - O-Dog. It's not original or fun, but it's better than O-Hud.

The reason I say Denard Span should be nicknamed "every inning" is that.... you guessed it. He's going to have to play every inning of the 2010 season in centerfield. The Twins have four outfielders including Denard, but the rest of them are natural right-fielders. (Kubel, Cuddyer, Young.)

There's no one else on the roster with any major league experience in center. Except for...

Nick Punto, Super-Utility.

That should just about wrap it up for today. That'll get us thinking about Nick Punto and his various roles and nicknames for tomorrow... NICK PUNTO DAY.


k-bro said...

So let me get this're saying the "first initial first name, first syllable last name" thing is a bad thing?

m-bro said...

Yeah, what she said.
k-bro is cool, even tho we're not related.

haasertime said...

no I think it's cool. Especially for Twins bloggers. (wink face)

However, athletes nicknames should be more descriptive and creative, instead of just mishmashing their name.

jammyman said...

n-punt (poont)?

TwinsWin83 said...

Every day is Nick Punto Day on Ron Gardenhire's calendar.

Holmer said...

Is Jacque Jones going to have to take over for Mr. Every Inning? The sight of any of those other options in center, would make me puke.

Bryz said...

As more players retire, so do the great nicknames. The Big Unit, The Big Hurt, The Crime Dog. You know what we need? We need UFC to take over the nicknaming business.