Thursday, January 7, 2010

Twins Finally Make A Move

And I'm not talking about Jerrod Washburn. Or something another random from Beaumont.

I'm talking about the move to Target Field.

The Hot Stove League is pretty cold. It's almost as if we're burning wood from an old bed frame that has three inches of lacquer on it. It smells. And just look at that thick, toxic smoke! So we discuss the move to Target Field instead of some junky pitchers that Smith&Co seem to love.

The Twins organization seems much more excited about their new baseball stadium than they do playing baseball.

Where do you think Billy Smiths' priorities fall for this offseason?

signing Orlando Hudson
getting his window treatments done

finding someone to play third base
getting comfortable in his new place

paying attention to the team he should be improving
Spending all offseason moving

Making the Twins team finer
talking to his interior designer

getting all his shit packed
giving Mauer a brand new contract

Or maybe his phone just got lost in the move.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding Post!! Could not have said it any better myself. Although, I disagree with you about Jarrod Washburn you are right on the money about Smith and Co. There is no sense of urgency at all right now to improve this team and lock Mauer up long term and it's very disturbing. I enjoyed this post so much you are going into my favorites on my blog

haasertime said...

thanks jack. I was being kinda facetious when mentioning Big Move and Washburn in the same breath.

If it weren't so cold outside, I'd be drinking iced coffee right now.