Friday, September 26, 2008


That's all I can say... Wow...

While I am happy I have the day off work today, I am a little bummed I don't have an excuse to travel downtown Chicago in my Twins hat.

Hopefully, it won't come to this but if the Twins need to play the Sox in Chicago, I am happy to supply my apartment for anyone wanting to make the trip. I plan on attending.

Some thoughts about last night (Mostly from the watching the Sox Broadcast):

- After Span hit the game tying RBI triple, Hawk and DJ had approximately 3 minutes of pure silence.

- When Gomez slid head first on Spans triple. Completely unnecessary.

- Hawk mentioning the pick off call from Wednesday at least another 8 times.

- Hawk continuing to say that this series should have the best umpires in the league. And how bad Alfonso Marquez and Andy Fletcher are. In the words of Hawk, they are "like minor league baseball players, they want to get better but they just aren't there yet."

- When they named the Nissan Drive of the Game (or whatever it's called), the line drive that took Slowey out of the game. Classy.

- I didn't hear this first hand, but word on the street is Bert said right before Mauer's double to center field, that Griffey Jr. was playing too shallow. How clairvoyant.

- After the game Guillen said, "I might take a sleeping pill tonight. And a glass of vodka."

This game definitely ranks as one of my top ten Twins games. Anything I missed? Did anything great happen on the Twins broadcast? Lay it on me in the comments section.


k-bro said...

I can attest to the fact that Bert, indeed, called Joey's double by saying that Griffey was playing too shallow.

He also kind of went on and on about Jenks's pitch selection, wondering why he threw a fastball to Gomez when a curveball would almost certainly have struck him out. Shortly after that, Jenks made the same pitch selection to Casilla.

Dick must be very hoarse this morning. He absolutely screamed his head off both when the Twins tied and when they won.

Daymonster said...


Hawk and DJ were talking about why Jenks kept throwing fast balls. While I know that is usually a closers go to pitch, Jenks is curveball is pretty dirty, and after 3 innings you gotta start to mix it up.

I was sure they were going to throw breaking balls in the dirty to gomez the whole time. He can't lay off that shit.

Thank god they didn't

haasertime said...

yea that game was nuuts. Span said he was just screaming as he was rounding second. wild.

if i were a white sox fan, i would be dead right now, by my own hand.

soup said...

Great game.

Another great moment was after Span hit the triple. Scotty had to physically hold him on third so he didn't get tagged out by his uncontrolled expression of joy.

Oh, and Gomez's post game interview was fantastic. I think it would be fun/exhausting to be inside that man's head for a day.

Liriano's got to get his ass together right now