Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So what, so what, so what's the scenario

As I am sure all of you know the scenarios and the importance of the next few games. I wanted to lay it out for some of our novice readers (read: myself). Here are the scenarios in order of worst possible to best possible.

White Sox Sweep:
Chicago wins the AL Central

Twins Win 1, Lose 2:
Chicago goes 4.5 games up. Sox's magic number is 1.

Twins Win 2, Lose 1:
Chicago go 1.5 games up. Sox's magic number is 3

Twins Sweep:
Twins go up 1/2 game. Twin's magic number is 3

White Sox show up at the new stadium get confused and go back to Chicago:
White Sox forfeit the rest of the season. Carlos Quentin stops at Mayo Clinic, heals completely and is left in Minnesota. Joins Twins for the playoff run.

There is its for you. There should be no confusion now.


soup said...

So let me get this straight winning = good. Losing = bad.

Can someone save me a Homer Hanky?

Daymonster said...

No, soup. Come on, stay with me. TWINS winning = good. TWINS losing =bad. SOX winning = bad, BUT SOX losing = good.

Seriously man. Focus. It's not that hard.

soup said...

Ah, crap. Let me try again. Twins winning = good Whi...ooh look something shiney

bizmarkie507 said...

I figure Blackie is gonna get rocked, but Slowey and Baker have a chance.

Now watch Blackburn throw a complete game shutout and the other two combine for 4 IP and 12 ERs.

bizmarkie507 said...

holy crap, I just stumbled upon the greatest song in the history of time.

I'll write about it tomorrow

bizmarkie507 said...

oh and bresnahan, I'm gonna make you play it at your wedding

TwinsWin83 said...

If the Twins sweep wouldnt their lead only be .5 a game?

And if the seperation between the two teams is .5 in either direction come next sunday evening the Sox will be forced to play their makeup game with Detroit on Monday.

Can you imagine if it came down to that game? Man, I dunno if I could handle that, the Twins fate completly wrapped up in a game not involving them. Id have to buy a big Tigers foam finger or something.

Holmer said...

I love Baker.
I love Kubel.
I love Morneau.
I love Mauer.
I love Kubel again.
I kind of like Delmon.

Anonymous said...

i think you are all losing site of a game that would be infinitely more exciting than anything the white sox and twins will do. i'm talking about the royals/tigers one game playoff at kauffman, of course, to see who owns the dubious honor of the worst team in the central.

go royals!