Monday, September 29, 2008

Today's Match Up

"Our" Detroit Tigers are taking on division rival, Chicago. In the biggest* game of the year for the Tigers.

Here is today's match up: Freddy "Big Game" Garcia vs Gavin Floyd. Of course we all know our boy Freddy's story. But for those Sox fans who might have forgotten. He was the guy making out with his uncle (by marriage) after they won it all in 2005.

While, I am not insinuating that Garcia might throw the game for the Sox. All I am saying is that if the Sox win and they start cuddling, it might be worth looking into.

UPDATE: "He already sent me 20 text messages," manager Ozzie Guillen said of Garcia, who pitched for the Sox from 2004-06 and won the deciding game of the 2005 World Series. "Freddy wants to win. Believe me. He's going to be ready to beat us. He's going to show up. He has a lot of pride. He's going to show he can still pitch." - Chicago Tribune

Investigative reporters at AH! have gotten a hold of a few of these text messages.

Text Message: "i m goin 2 win"
Text Message: "lol i rly am"
Text Message: "i m free agent nxt yr. u intrstd?"
Text Message: ":( if i win will that help or hurt?"

SECOND UPDATE: I laughed really hard at this fan post over at SSS.


Tricia said...

Love the snappy new banner. Go Tigers!

Holmer said...

That SSS post is one of the more ridiculous things I've read. Yeah, this game has very little impact on the Sox' chances of making the platoffs in 2008. Ummm... Doesn't this game make your whole season?

It's kind of sad that we couldn't figure this thing out in the first 161 games.It all comes down to the way either the Sox play in one game, or the way we play in one game. Intense though.

Daymonster said...

Holmer... the SSS post was a joke. I believe he was poking fun at people that try to come up with reasons for why certain games count. Like momentum and not showing weaknesses etc.

Holmer said...

Oh I understood. The joke just wasn't funny. Thanks for setting me straight.

Is this game ever going to get played? It's supposed to rain all night there.

Daymonster said...

here. all night here.

haasertime said...

i hate armando gallaraga