Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Keeping Track at Home

Wow it's amazing what a day can do. On Monday, I was so sure the Twins were done I went off on my girlfriend who was upset about the Cubs. I tried to explain while both teams are in a bad slump, the Cubs still have a decent lead and are pretty much in no danger of missing the playoffs. Even if the Brew Crew catch them, they will likely still win the Wild Card.

But yesterday, needless to say made me very happy, 1.5 games in one day? That's pretty awesome. It got me thinking, has there been a time late in the season where it swung more than that in one day? It's had to have happened, probably multiple times, all it takes would be two contenders playing a double header against each other. Even if it has happened multiple times, that doesn't take away from the awesomeness that is the Twins cutting their deficit in more than a half.

In my excitement I made a Twins Playoff Race Calendar (PDF). It's basically a calendar of the remaining Twins games, the probable starters and the remaining White Sox schedule. I have it posted in my cube and plan on keeping it updated on the AL central race.

You can download the PDF, print it out and keep track with me. Won't that be fun? Yeah, I know you can access all this info on the internet super web and it keeps track of everything for you, but hey, where is the fun in that?

If anyone has any info they would like to see on the calendar I could update it and repost. And Haas, no I am not going to put any pictures of Darth Vader on it.


soup said...

ooh. Very nice. I'm game.

Hey remember when our 7 year old guest writer Aaron said about the White Sox,

"Their whole team is like old. They're all probably going to get hurt or get arthritis like grandpa"

He's very prophetic for a 7 year old.

Daymonster said...

That kid was a genius. Especially since everyone knows a sprain of the medial collateral ligament is a fancy way of saying 'Arthritis'.

brex said...

It would be easier to read if the white sox opponent was within the calendar like the twins opponent is.

just a thought

BTW we won't need this tool coming down the stretch because the twins will win easily duh.

TwinsWin83 said...

I like the calendar. Ive had the AL Central standings posted on the white board in my classroom since the start of school in mid-August.

Actualy, yesterday during Jeopardy one of the misc. questions I had for the kids was 'how many games out of first are the Twins right now?' 4/6 classes got the answer right. I thought that was pretty good for kids living in the middle of SD.

Holmer said...

I wish all of these games were at home, considering we have posted 49 of our 80 wins in our indoor home we call "The Dome". If we sweep our home games for the rest of this season, we will fall one win shy of the home win record.

That being said, I'll be keeping track on my calender at home as well. Where you can find the results of the last eight seasons. Great post. I hope everyone participates.