Monday, September 22, 2008

Random Notes

Yankee Stadium:
Yankee Stadium closed last night. I noticed a couple articles lately related to the stadiums mementos. Mariano Rivera wrote a piece for yahoo that detailed what he planned to take from the stadium. And a few days ago ESPN had a short article noting that anyone who planned to take anything from Yankee Stadium would be prosecuted. Oh the hypocrisy.

Disturbing trends in the restaurant business:
Ads on tables - The classiness of an eating/drinking establishment can be determined by the amount of beer and liquor advertisements on the walls. But now they have ads on table tops as well.

Microwave Bacon - Real breakfast menu's use microwave bacon now. I can tell. It's terrible.

Heaven Forbid:
For whom will you root if the Twins don't make it? The Rays or the Angels? I dig the Rays young pitchers and energy, but I don't mind the Angels either.

Economic and Baseball:
We joked about the connection last week, but looks like the troubled economy could spell disaster for the sale of the Chicago Cubs.

Looks like the end of the world will have to wait at least two more months. The Large Hadron Collider had to be shutdown because of a malfunction. To work on it they will have to wait a month for it to become warm enough for humans to work, and then after they fix it they have to cool it back down, which as you probably could expect, will take about a month. By that time we will have a new World Series Champion and newly elected President.

Jumpstyle dancing:

Do this type of dance at your local danceteria next chance you get. You will change lives. But you have to do it to obnoxious euro-techno to make it truly great.

Recent fan sightings:
I saw a guy with a rat tail in a Paul Konerko jersey. He had a rat tail. I tried to take a picture but it was too dark. I also saw a blasted cougar in an AP jersey going to the grocery store at about 5pm on Sunday. She was stumbling through the parking lot ripping heaters. Then I spotted family of four all dressed in purple attire - their kids were probably no older than five. Talk about child abuse.

Magic Numbers:
White Sox magic number: 5
Twins magic number: 10
Royals magic number: 24

Target Park:
If you haven't seen the 3D animation of Target Park yet, check it out. It shows you the view from each section of the stadium. Very cool.

Ryan Adams:
I've been listening to a lot of Ryan Adams lately. Some of his songs really rock. But the best is his own descriptions of his albums. Taken from Wikipedia:

"I was trying to prove something to myself. I wanted to invent a modern classic."

"I like the fact that it's not so self-serious, this record. It actually goes from being terribly self-serious, to terribly self-effacing, or just funny."

" It's complex and it's damaged, it was the record I needed to make"

"(Cold Roses) has a lot of questions about God, about how to love or feel love. And I learned a lot of stuff from that gal, she pointed me in the right direction, got me reading a lot of interesting stuff, and I backed off myself. I kind of let it go, and I think that the way that it turned around was that when I went back to write songs again, it wasn't writing songs about songs. I wasn't like, using myself as a songwriter and then writing about that. I mean, hopefully - hopefully! - I was going a few inches deeper."

" (29) is really cerebral. The theme of it was that I wanted to write a record where I could write myself out of my twenties. So for each year of my life, in my twenties, I kind of assigned different parts of my character, I gave them names. The last song is a song from the perspective, believe it or not, of a ghost. When it's just passed out of a body, and it goes 'Don't go to the light/ I'll show you how to haunt.' This spirit is trying to conjure this dead child, this dead person, back to the house where they died. So they can haunt it. It's really fucked up."

"very, very simple, very easy songs that, in my opinion, were written on the periphery of some more complex work."


haasertime said...

shoot that youtube video didn't work. If you just youtube '
jumpstyle' lots of wild stuff comes up

Daymonster said...

it works for me

Pills said...

There arent really too many things that make more happy then a drunk, heater smoking cougar in a Vikings jersey. Awwwww ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

bizmarkie507 said...

Go Rays.

Holmer said...

Jump-style gets me everytime. HAHA!

Go Rays.

You could have move the microwave bacon down in to the heaven forbid category. Shame on them.

Did you see all those crying Yankees' fans? HA

Aren't the people of CERN smart enough to not blow the world up?

Jim H. said...

The Lego animation is a throwback to the good old days of Bat Girl's Twins blog. Thanks for the memories.