Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Player of the Game: Carlos Gomez

Congratulations goes to Carlos Gomez last night. In his last 15 games he has not had one free pass, but last night he had, not one, but two walks! In all but two of the last 18 games he has struck out at least once, but not last night. No strike outs and a couple walks?! I don't want to get ahead of myself but I think Gomez might finally be getting some plate discipline.

Nah, who am I kidding, I am sure this was just a fluke, but let's celebrate his accomplishments when we can.



haasertime said...

not too bad, cargo.

a leadoff hitter who doesn't walk and a three hitter with no power....and we're still scoring many runs.

brex said...

As Monroe's homer cleared the fence, Redmond, who was on third at the time, pumped his fist as the Twins finally got a big hit.

"You know me," Redmond said. "I love those fist pumps."


Daymonster said...

ahh, yes Cargo. I forgot about that.

Holmer said...

Ok. I'm so happy for Gomez and his lucky walks but, Monroe was definetly the highlight of the game, maybe even Baker. I'd even put Redmond's above Gomez's performance.

I need weeks of these types of at-bats out of Gomez. We have all seen his hit or miss type of play, ie. the cycle followed by 0-4 after 0-4 games. I do like your optimism though, considering he is on my fantasy team.

Daymonster said...

holmer... sarcasm.

Anyone see Punto's play today? Followed by is attempt to leg out a double? Great stuff.

soup said...

Speed never slumps

...but sometimes CarGo does.