Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mid-Season Questions and Answers

I was going to pretend that we had a bunch of questions from our loyal readership but it was just too unbelievable to even write it down. Obviously, no one has (or will) ever ask us questions when there are way more qualified Twins resources out there. But it's fun to dream and make up questions that you think you can answer. It's fun, you should try it. Seriously, do it in the comments, ask a question and answer it yourself. It's great. Here goes.

"What are the chances the Twins make the playoffs?" M.H., Minneapolis, MN

Well the PECOTA adjusted playoff odds at Baseball Prospectus puts the Twins at about 12.7% chance of making the playoffs. Based on my feelings (and that's what you were asking anyways, right?) I think the Twins chances are slightly better than that. I'd say somewhere in the 30-35% chance. I actually think the Twins have a better chance of winning the AL central than they do the Wild card. The Red Sox, Yankees and Rays are all pretty intimidating, while the White Sox and Detroit, not so much.

"Do you think Liriano will be up in the rotation soon?" M. Haas, Minneapolis, MN

If you (the imaginary person) would have asked me a week ago after Liriano had a great game against Lehigh Valley, with 7 innings, 9 SO and only 1 BB. I would have predicted that Livan would have been hit hard on the 4th and that the Twins would need to start to think about brining him up. But without Livan having a major melt down, I don't see any other starter in fear of losing their spot. In a perfect world, BS and RG would trade Livan away while he is doing alright and make room for the young Liriano. Which brings me to the next question.

"Will the Twins make a move before the deadline?" Mike H., Minneapolis, MN

It's not looking good. Bill Smith has said "you don't want to tinker too much with something that's not broken." While I agree the Twins aren't "broken" you can't be totally mesmerized my the recent success the Twins have had. Almost all those games were at home and with this upcoming road trip, things could turn around in a hurry. I don't see the Twins making a move by the 31st and that makes me a bit sad.

"Will Morneau participate in the Home Run Derby?" Michael Haas, Minneapolis, MN

Since he hasn't been asked yet, and with only 3 spots left, it's not looking good. Not that I really believe that it can fuck up your swing, I won't be sad if he doesn't participate. I just don't want to hear about how he is from Canada, played hockey growing up, is good friends with the other part of the M&M duo and all the other shit national commentators talk about constantly.

"Did Gardy make a mistake last night when he put Bass in?" Haasertime, Minneapolis, MN

Last night's game has brought about a lot of talk concerning Gardy's decision to choose Bass over well, just about anyone else in the Twins bullpen in the 8th. I think it was a mistake to not only bring him in, but to have him pitch to Manny. I was hoping, Bass would have at least walked Manny and brought Crain in to get Lowell to hit into a double play. I know, I know, it's easy to make these decisions after the fact, but I bet at least 90% of the Twins fans watching, put their palm to their face when you saw Bass walking to the mound. I thought it should have been Neshek (joking).

That's about it for my answers, please feel free to tell me how I am a complete moron in the comments section.


haasertime said...

haha, great post. we should do this more often.

I agree, that was totally Nesheks place, not bass's. It is unbelievable that Sideshow Pat has been used so sparingly in the past two months or so.

Q: why the fuck is punto playing so much lately? And why didn't Harris pinch hit for him last night?

A: Ya know, i was thinking the exact same thing!

Tricia said...

I don't think you're a complete moron. I think you're funny.

Why didn't the Twins try & trade for CC? No, kidding! I'm glad he's out of the AL Central. Now we won't have to see him this year unless we face the Brewers in the WS. Wouldn't that be something? (Speaking of moronic...)

haasertime said...

once again, i fail to understand why gardy didn't use Neshek in the 8th.

TwinsWin83 said...

A month ago these two one-run losses to the BoSox wouldnt have upset me that much...yet now, they are brutaly difficult to watch. AHHHHHH.

soup said...

This was the first comment on the Strib's website below the article regarding Span remaining in the Bigs.

"If they can't trade Young...

The only other option is to try Cuddy at 3rd again and leave Span in RF. It was a disaster last season but he could do it. He is the best RF in baseball in my opinion, so I wouldn't move him.
Span and Young could platoon in left also if they can't dump Young.
Everyone keeps talking about getting a strong RH bat who can drive in runs and hit for power in the middle of the lineup. We have that guy already: Cuddyer"


haasertime said...

my biggest head scratcher came during last nights game.
Gardy decides to bunt to give up an out in the ninth. Well thats completely logical, except for the fact that he didn't do the same in the eighth.

8th inning, runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs, and the worst hitter on the roster (monroe) is up to bat. He also has a career average of less than .200 at fenway park. Logic says: Why not have him bunt, or why not PH for him and have Buscher or somebody else bunt? I'm glad I didnt watch todays game.

But anyways, I wouldn't mind bringing Liriano up soon to be in the bullpen. That could act as a trade in itself.

haasertime said...

oh whoops that above comment is from bizmarkie btw.