Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Batting Stance Guy: Twins Impersonations

I am writing this while I try not to punch my computer screen. Watching the Twins blow opportunity after opportunity is really pissing me off. So I figure what better way to take my mind off it than watch Batting Stance Guy. This isn't new, actually it's about a month old, but I just watched it again and it makes me smile. If you don't know who BSG is he is a guy that does sometimes exaggerated but often very accurate batting stances and swings of major league players past and present.

Below is his take on some current and former Twins.

I thought he did a pretty good job on all of these. He has the Morneau's twirl, Hunter's bat toss and the varying stages of Hrbek's career. No sign of the real oldies like Killebrew or Oliva but I am pretty impressed with his impersonations.

Okay, back to getting pissed at the Twins.


Daymonster said...

18-5? What a joke.

bizmarkie507 said...

lol it's a good thing I didn't watch the game today.

Perhaps now that the twins have cooled off its time to shake the lineup a bit. Put Span at the top and Gomez at the bottom.