Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mid-way point: Cheers and Jeers

By Michael Haas

Editors note: this is Haas's first entry in a while. There are many theories on his lack of blogging, but unfortunately for you, he's back.

The Twins played their 82nd game of the season on Sunday, marking the half-way point of the season. There has been a lot to cheer about lately, and a lot more to cheer in general than we predicted at the beginning of the season.

Here's how the conventional wisdom went heading into the 2008 campaign:

The Twins are in a rebuilding year, with too many young pitchers and inexperienced bats to compete with the Tigers and Indians.

That's all wrong. Here are some fairly obvious observations, which don't match with the expectations we had in the spring:


Carlos Gomez - We weren't sure if this guy would be up in the majors at the beginning of spring training. Although he's still raw, he can absolutly play. He's fast too. His nickname is Go-Go, Which is fun for all the Minnesota 30-something women with their thick Minnesota accents:

"Well, ya know when we get done here at Calhoun we're headed over to the Dome to watch Go-go"

The Rotation (besides Boof) - Scott Baker, Nick Blackburn, Kevin Slowey and Glen Perkins. This spring, I didn't feel confident that all of those boys could hold a spot in the majors for a long period of time. Perk at Play still hasn't proven he can do it, but he's done pretty well. Baker is a rock. Blackburn has been pretty alright. Slowey is making a Bakeresque turn toward solidity. And don't forget Livan. Considering the expectations, he's done well. We shall we where he ends up, especially if Liriano continues his slow journey back to the bigs.

Alexi Casilla - Forgotten in Triple-A, Casilla came up due to injury, and has been fantastic. We ripped him last year for being a space cadet, but he's cleaned up his act and become a professional. I hereby anoint him the starting second baseman of the new ballpark 2010 awesome team.

Brian Buscher - Is he the long awaited Answer to our third - base - post - Koskie nightmare? Probably not. But I read a Buscher - Coomer comparison the other day. Obviously, I'll take it.


Delmon Young - I proclaimed him my new favorite player at the beginning of the season. He was going to hit like 50 bombs and drive in 120 and build the new bridge all by himself. Fuck.

Neshek - his trademark sidearm pitching motion was a response to an arm injury. Now his sidearm delivery caused him to get injured. Or is it his new diet?

New camera angle at the dome - I don't like the over-the-top camera angle they have from centerfield.

There's still a lot of baseball left to be played. I am thankful that the Twins are competitive this year. Even though it's more fun to bitch about them when they suck.


soup said...

A part of me is glad that the Tigers and Indians are sucking and the White Sox are doing well. I've always hated the Sox the most in our division. If the Twins are going to battle to win the division this year, I want it to be against the most hated rival.

We have to be feeling good about our place in the division when the new statium opens. Most of our guys will be begining the primes of their careers. Meanwhile, the rest of the division is getting worse.

bizmarkie507 said...

2010 will be awesome. Guerra was SAL Pitcher of the week last week. woohoo.

Holmer said...

"Even though its more fun to bitch about them when they suck." ???

I don't get it... Why would that be more fun for you? Do you have a disorder? I thought that we as Twins fans found pleasure in the success of the Twins. We are the ones that encourage them to victory, and to tell the world that our home team is better than theirs.

But if you like it when they suck, go right ahead.
Damn you.