Monday, July 28, 2008

Series Preview

Biggest series of the season thus far? 4 Games against the White Sox at home. I am pretty optimistic as here are the probable match ups as well as my predictions.

Kevin Slowey vs Mark Buehrle
Win. It really depends on if it's the Buerhle from May or the Buerhle from June. If it's the one from May we have this in the bag. If it's the one from June, were fucked. Luckily he is 3-5 away from the Cell.

Glen Perkins vs Clayton Richard
Win. This will be Clayton's second Major League Start. His first start was pretty shaky giving up 5 runs in 4 innings. I look to see the Twins knock this kid around at his debut in the Dome.

Livan Hernandez vs Gavin Floyd
Loss. I could be wrong. Livan could pitch another gem, but it seems unlikely. Especially with Floyd out there, he seems to have the Twins number this season.

Scott Baker vs John Danks
Win. With the White Sox giving up so many errors in the last week (9) let's hope the fast turf will make them commit some more.

It's easy to make a bigger deal about this series than it really is, but if the Twins don't split or win this series I don't see them coming back. God dammit, there I did it again. This is the most important baseball series of the Twins history. Ahhh, I can't stop doing it.

East Coast Baseball Today
I was listening to Baseball Today this morning and they were talking about how the the AL East is getting exciting and its interesting because while there are three teams in contention only two will make the playoffs. That kind of pissed me off a bit, but hopefully they are wrong. I'd like to see the Twins win the division and the Tigers take the wild card from any of the following teams, White Sox, Yankees or Red Sox. I wouldn't even mind for the Rays to falter down the stretch.

I Told You So
Remember when I said the Twins should pick up LaTroy Hawkins? Well. Looks like I was right.


haasertime said...

is that young fella a lefty or a righty? The conventional wisdom is that the Twins struggle against lefties whom they face for the first time.

I would like nothing more than to see the Rays outlast the Yankees and RedSox and see some dumb team like the Tigers or the A's take the wild card.

Daymonster said...

He is a lefty. See, this is why its You're always on top of this stuff.

haasertime said...

i just found the website for the creepiest fan club around: the latroy hawkins fan club.

and yes, i am a member. I even have a certificate.