Monday, July 7, 2008

AL Central, Dumb Comment and WSOP

As we all know 14 years ago, the MLB was realigned and that realignment berthed the American League Central we have come to know and love. The original group consisted of the Kansas City Royals, Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox, Milwaukee Brewers and, of course, the Twins. In 1998, Milwaukee went to the NL Central, and Detroit moved in from the AL East to make the division what it is today.

I was actually surprised to see that the Twins have a Win-Loss record of below .500 (.493). I know we had that real bad run in the 90s, but I thought our more recent tear would even it out. But not surprisingly that puts us third behind Cleveland (.544) and Chicago (.524). The Royals are in last with .429 and Detroit is just above them (.438). Another interesting note the Indians are at exactly 1200 wins since the start of the AL central.

I was reading Sid Hartman's article about Hunter and Santana being snubbed for the All-Star game this year and I came across this as the featured comment on the Trib website.

"I do not think we would be better off right now if we had Santana and not Gomez. Santana would pitch every 4 or 5 days and I'm sure would be solid. Gomez on the other hand plays everyday and just ignites this team in a way Johan could never do. Our record would not be a s good if we had Santana and not Gomez. Santana was a reason people came to see the Twins play every 4 or 5 games, Gomez is a big reason why people come out to watch the Twins play EVERYDAY!! Keep it going Twins!!"

While I do like Gomez, I think this is a foolish thing to say. It kinda comes down to the pitcher vs position player thing, but even that doesn't make sense when the position player is batting .269/.305/.374. I would take Santana's 2.96 ERA every 5th day over Gomez right now. Span seems to be a very reasonable replacement for Gomez at CF if needed. I guess my biggest issue is this "Our record would not be a s good if we had Santana and not Gomez."I have to call bullshit on that, but I guess I am wondering what you guys think.

Also, my good friend Pete Christensen made it through the first day of the Main Event at the WSOP in Las Vegas. Day 2a starts tomorrow and he has just above the average amount of chips. I hope he wins the 8 million.


haasertime said...

That is surprising that we have a below .500 record since the AL central. We should delve more deeply into this another day.

I think Santana would help us win more games than Gomez. Denard Span is the clincher in that argument. Remember Jason Pridie? He was supposedly in the spring training battle with Cargo and Denard for the starting spot. I wonder what happened to him...

I don't understand why some people are so good at poker. That's cool for Pete, but we need him in Minnesota. Our baseball team sucks without his steady hand at short and his pitching. Well actually, our baseball team would suck even if we still had him.

Winger said...

Ever wonder why we are seeing the hideous Twins cutoff jerseys every time Livan pitches at home?

bizmarkie507 said...

I love Gomez, and I'm very optimistic about his future, but he sucks this year. .305 OBP for a lead off hitter is beyond terrible. Sorry Sid, time for some warm milk and a nap.

Holmer said...

Go Pete!

Haven't we had six out of the last seven season above .500? counting this season.

Hunter does not deserve an all-star game. He is no longer the heart and soul of his team. He's mixed up with the likes of Vlad, K-Rod, Anderson, and Chone. He just doesn't have the same effect out there in L.A. That's the stuff that got him into All-Star games.

With a sub 3 ERA playing in NY, Johan does have an argument. He has been snuffed out of the game in the past, and then been lights out in the second half to prove he belonged there. Hopefully he does it again.

Who know what would have been. I'm pretty pleased with the way the guys we have have come together and put at least 50 in the wins column before the break.

I disagree with commentator Dick Bremer comparing Gomez's influence on the clubhouse to that of Kirby Puckett's during sunday's win over the Indians. But he does bring the level of fun and comradery in the dugout that I didn't expect.

soup said...

Yeah, dumb comment. Fans are coming to the games because we are winning. If we were 10 games below 500 fans wouldn't be going to the games just to watch Gomez be fast.

Sidenote: I think its equally entertaining to watch Gomez swing as hard as possible and completely miss.

It's been too long since I've played a good game of poker. I've the best poker player I've ever met. Right Holmer?

soup said...

*should be I'm the best...*

Holmer said...

Unless we're playing for FLEX.

Pinochle anyone?

Keep us updated on Pete's progress.