Friday, June 27, 2008


I'm done. that's it. It's over. Tomorrow I'm going to the store and I'm buying a Portland Trailblazers Cap. Then I'm going to pour liter fluid on my Timberwolves cap that I've worn on a daily basis for 3 years and burn it. McHale, first you do something genius. You draft O.J. Mayo, then you draft Mario Chalmers in the second round, who is a significant upgrade over Sebastian Telfair. Then you trade Chalmers for future second round picks. uhh what? Then you trade Mayo for an undersized, unathletic Kevin Love. You also traded Buckner and Walkers EXPIRING CONTRACTS, for fat, old, bald Brian Cardinal, who sucks and completely fucks up our cap room again.

FUCK YOU. Die of gonorrhea, fuck this team. The Boycott has officially started.

Go Blazers!


Anonymous said...

Hi: You seriously don't know what you are talking about regarding the Mayo deal. Probably his best move ever as a GM. Miller's a solid stud. Mayo *might* be as good as Miller one day. Plus we get Love. Wolves got the two best players in the deal. So it's a win for us.

Capwise, it's a small advantage to Memphis, but they got to get something. It's not even too terrible. The 2nd round deal was weird tho, I'll give you that.

soup said...

I've always said that the wolves were one south dakota native away from winning a championship.

Seriously though, probably a bad move. Miller will give us an outside shooter that we needed, but its just not worth it. I don't like Kevin love. He won't be as good as Mayo...unless inbound passes start counting for points. But, in full disclosure, I know nothing about the NBA.

soup said...

Also, I desperately wanted us to draft a doofy unathletic foreign center.


bizmarkie507 said...

Instead of having Walker and Buckner's expiring contracts next year, the wolves get Cardinal and Millers long term contracts! YAY! The Wolves get to be, at best, a first round playoff team! woooohooooo!

Instead of Getting Mayo, plus a high first round pick next year 9keep in mind we would suck (5-9 pick) plus Miami's first round pick and Boston's first round pick, we could've packaged those to get a top 3 pick AND have Walker and Buckner's contracts come off the board. Big Al, Mayo, a top 3 pick, plus cap relief, boy that would just suck for the future of the wolves huh! Love is undersized, unathletic, AND he has no upside whatsoever! But hold on, we get Miller, so now we get to be Mediocre again as opposed to being a serious threat in 2-3 years! Way to go country club! Fuck this team. Go Blazers.

Winger said...

The NBA's quality of basketball is so low that there is only one way to put butts in seats. The NBA is all about its exciting and talented players, and attracting attendance through these players. Mayo would have been exciting. Love and Miller are not exciting. The NBA in Minnesota is officially dead to me.

I hope the Seattle gets to keep the Sonics, and the Wolves move to Oklahoma. Hell, change that Wolf to a Coyote or Fox and it's a done deal.

This year and in coming years, we will have all the respectable basketball we need in Tubby's maroon and gold.

bizmarkie507 said...

One of the biggest problems the Wolves had last season was their lack of size in the paint. Love does not address that problem. i also just listened to Hoibergs interview on duckies and bunnies and he was slobbering over Pekovic, saying if he wasn't tied down in Europe for the next two years he easily would've been a top ten pick. And he said how 20 other teams were trying to make a deal for Pekovic. Well, if we get him in two years, where does that leave Love? We traded a potential perennial all star for somebody who will be a back up, undersized power forward in 2 years? Oh and Mike Miller will also be 30 in two years, and he still wont be able to play defense.

I wish you luck Ms. Behr in selling tickets.

bizmarkie507 said...

I want to find out where McHale's daughter lives. I just want to nail the living hell out of her. And the whole time in my head, as I'd be violently plowing her, I'd be like, "Take that Mchale, you dumbass!"

Nick N. said...

Gosh, whatever will the Wolves do without another 6'4" shooting guard? They're doomed!!

TwinsWin83 said...

I hear what your sayin wuturs and I woulda really liked to have OJ Mayo in a Wolves jersery because of not only his upside and the possibility that he could be a star down the road (and a star is something this team desperatly needs following KGs exit) and because he would have put some fans in the seat next he honest with you, did you see the look on his face when he got drafted by the Wolves? He DID NOT want to be heading to MN, and Id like to avoid another Marbury situation where a player becomes dead weight because Minnesota is the last place they want to be.

According to the Trib the Wolves are dumping more salary with this move.

Who knows? The one move I really didnt like was dumping Chalmers for nothing, I was pumped when I heard his name called.

bizmarkie507 said...

McCants is really the only real 2 guard on the team, and he hates the organization, and the feeling is mutual. As a top 3 pick, Mayo would've signed a 4 to 5 year deal, which would give this team more than enough time to be competitive. Then with Mayo, we'd be bad enough next season to be able to retain the Clippers pick (top 10) and we'd have Miamis 1st and Bostons 1st. We could easily package those three picks for another top 3 or worst case scenario top 5 next season.

Mayo/Big Al/top 5 09 pick, plus Brewer, who already has added 7 lbs of muscle and is always the first player in the gym to work on his shooting. That's plenty of time to become a force of a team. I hate the myth about how stars dont want to be in small markets. As long as you are a big name, you'll get plenty of commercials and endorsements (Like KG did when he was a wolf) and as long as you're on a team that is a contender, players will go anywhere.

But did you hear Hoibergs KFAN interview today? About how the Wolves were slobbering over Pekovic, and that 20 teams tried to trade for him, and how if it weren't for his euro contract he would've been a lottery pick? Well he'll be eligible to play here in 2010, and he'll also be old enough and experienced enough to play right away, and if he lives up to his potential, his best case scenario is Al Jefferson and his worst case scenario is Rasho.

Well where does that leave Kevin Love then? He's undersized to be a Center. So did we seriously just trade O.J. Mayo for a guy who is going to be a backup in two years?

Think about that.

haasertime said...

it's a jump to conclusions mat. it has different conclusions, on it, that you can jump to.

we won't know how this deal turned out for a long time. it's easy to fall into the trap of over reaction. I think the headline of this post is an over reaction.

and besides, who cares about the nba? its no fun.

Has anyone heard that the twins won 9 straight?

bizmarkie507 said...

Twins? who are they?

Anna said...

Wow, I take one day off and we got 12 comments! (alright 11 were from wuturs but hey) I am kinda pissed off about the trade but I wouldn't have been surprised if they took Love right away, so at least that's good.

I don't know.

Go cubs this weekend.

Daymonster said...


damn gf with her saved passwords... that last comment was me.

soup said...

Somehow, I think I've become more okay with the trade. I saw Yahoo Sports was absolutely praising the trade. Do they know something we don't?