Monday, June 23, 2008

You Play Twins GM

By TwinsWin83

It would seem that my angry rant stating the Twins organization should reward their fan base by making a move to compete this year is a bit more legit today then it was five days ago.

Since the last post the Twins have rattled off four more wins in a row and now sit four games above .500 for the first time this year and a mere 1.5 games behind the slumping White Sox for first place in the AL Central. Star Tribune columnist Jim Souhan has taken notice as well and worked up an article for today’s paper that suggests the same point I was trying to (and probably failed to) get across last week. Check it out.

The fact that this team made up of too-young-to compete newbies and over-the-hill free agent busts are only 1.5 games out of first place on June 23 is nothing short of miraculous. So why not embrace this thing and run with it, instead of waiting for the assumed contenders to make their move? I’m tired of hearing this team has no chance in the long run; they’re here right now aren’t they?

All that being said, there are (as always) limited options and assets the Twins have to work with to ultimately improve their lineup, starting rotation or bullpen, not the least of which is their tiny payroll and their blah blah blah blah….
We all know that already, so why don’t you guys out there play Twins GM and share a few moves the team could make that you think would best impact this surprising squad.

The Twins are sitting in this position despite all of the shortcomings of the current ensemble, and that's the beauty of it, imagine if some of those holes were filled and other players started to live up to their potential. Think of where they might be come September.

So lets have it. What moves do you think the Twins could realistically make over the next month to make a serious run at their fifth AL Central title this decade?


Daymonster said...

"It would seem that my angry rant stating the Twins organization should reward their fan base by making a move to compete this year is a bit more legit today then it was five days ago."

Couldn't you make the argument, that leaving the team as is, was strengthened by their performance in the last 5 days.

But seriously... two words for you... JACQUE JONES.

soup said...

I would trade Livan. I would cut Lamb. I would demote Bass. I would call up Liriano or Duensing and span.

I would trade for a 3b. Andy Laroche would be on the top of the list. I would be willing to package swarzak, another prospect, and Livan if they would want him. other possible 3b: beltre, bill hall.

...or I would just ride the youngsters

Daymonster said...

Where is Haas?

haasertime said...

i'm around. i just have no creative or useful opionions on anything anymore.

soup has thought about this way harder than i have, and he's in korea.

TwinsWin83 said...

I like your ideas soup. The most realistic move right now if the Twins decide to stay inhouse is to move Bucsher to third permanently and cut Lamb (although his contract might be too big to warrant that if no one else is willing to deal for him).

I just cant see how the Twins could ever move Livan, although it would be nice if we could package him in some other type of trade.

Punto can move into shortstop if he is healhty and can hit above
.250 (and those are both big ifs), because he has better range and defensive prowess then Harris who isnt hitting right now.

Any kind of move for a decent bat or extra arm in either the rotation or even bullpen right now would be much needed if the figures could somehow work for this club. Crain and Gurriuer are holding on now as the late inning relief but how long will that last for?

My point daymonster is that now that this club has pulled this close into the race now would be the time to make some kind of waves with a "headline" move because it would show the fans, the team and the rest of the league that the Twins are going to try and compete this season, and not just be satisfied with floating along around the .500 mark hoping no one else pulls away.

The AL Central is up for grabs and it could be that the first team to make a major move in the next month or so, whether it be in part because of a trade the sparks the team or not, could very easily be the team to run away with it.

Holmer said...

We've seen the mid-summer trade work, (Shannon Stewart) and we've seen the them shit the bed, (Brett Boone).

I can hardly find confidence in the fact that we can bring a player in that will benefit us above and beyond the the losses we would suffer from a trade.

Yeah we need a third baseman, but give up livan and a prospect for one? I just don't like it. Stick to our guns, they're out playing most expectations, and still have a nose for the division title.

I do like the idea of bringing Span back up. He never proved that he wasn't good enough to be out there.

TwinsWin83 said...

Yeah Span is putting together some sick numbers in AAA right now. A
.343 Avg along with a .450 OBP just to name a few.

At the very least he could provide an off day every once in a while for the underachieving Delmon Young and the hit-or-miss Carlos Gomez. Maybe a little competition is just what Delmon needs to get going. Either that or a lighter bat because he is behind every pitch he sees.

bizmarkie507 said...

I'm with soup on cutting Lamb and trading Livan. i'd also cut Everett (if he hasn't been cut already)

I'd move Gomez to the 9 hole instead of leading off (due to his terrible on base percentage) Move Mauer to 1 hole (due to his outstanding on base percentage) keep Casilla at 2, throw Young in at 3 (he's been hitting significantly better as of late), Morneau at 4, Cuddyer at 5, Bushcer at 6, Kubel at 7, Harris at 8, and Gomez at 9.

But I'd keep Liriano down in AAA until he can consistently get his strike/ball ratio higher.