Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Timberwolves Logo

The Minnesota Timberwolves will be announcing their new and (arguably) improved logos at today's draft. They revamped their standard logo (below, left) with the drastically changed new logo (below, right). They changed the font of Timberwolves to make it a little less pointy, did the same with the trees and made them a little shorter. Not too much noticeable change to the actual wolf except the new addition of white to it's face. Also, the blue only appears on the shadow of the wolf and on the outline of "Timberwolves."

It doesn't really affect me too much as all my T-Wolves gear is still from the original logo. It's kind of nice that they didn't change it to much though as to not piss off all the people with brand new Garnett jerseys. (They are really cheap right now, not sure why)

The bigger news is the newer alternate logo. It used to be either just the wolf from the main logo, or an "MT" in the now defunct Timberwolves font. The newer logo (below, right) pays homage to the original, and in my opinion, best T-Wolves design (below, left).

The newer logo has the timber wolf howling at the basketball moon, while the older one just has a confused wolf, who looks to be panting, probably from playing basketball. I don't mind the new alternate logo, but I don't feel like the two wolves (from the new main logo and the new alternate logo) look like the same wolf. I realize one is looking angry, head on and the other is a howling profile but they just don't seem like the same wolf.

So does this mean a drastic change to the actual uniform, the new alternate doesn't have any green on it and the new main logo has very little blue. There is a lot of gray in both logos, might that be the new look? What do you guys think?

Personally, I am hoping for something a little more authentic, like this:


bizmarkie507 said...

haha great post. Why did they add that stupid white thing on its face? it looks like somebody spilled a glass of milk on it.

brex said...

The white represents Kevin Love

haasertime said...

good idea, but PETA would really be on us for the authentic look.

the oldest is definitely the best. I'm not sure why teams change their uniforms so much. Most of the classic baseball teams are classic because they never changed their uni's.

Oh wait, i know why they keep changing their logos:


TwinsWin83 said...

I dig the wolf howling at the moon. I think the wolves need some new uni's. I would like to see ones with green being the dominating color. That would be coo.

bizmarkie507 said...

I wish the wolves away jerseys would be blue green, like in this colorwheel


Daymonster said...

soccer teams change their uniforms every year, add sponsorships to the mix and you never are up with the times.