Wednesday, June 18, 2008

An e-card for your fellow Twins fan

As I am sure many of you are aware there are these things called "eee cards" they are like regular cards, but they don't cost money and consequently really don't mean anything. They are a great way to show a person that you only care enough to take 4 minutes to find a free ecard website. Some of you also might know of a website called someecards. This site embraces the fact that ecards will never be able to replace over priced cards with chimps and presidents on them, so they make very specific and often hilarious ecards instead.

Here is one that I found to be specifically poignant for Twins fans. Click here to "forward it like it's hot."


haasertime said...

haha, that's good stuff. til those folks come crashing back to reality and have a scowl like i do right now.

Huskerdo said...

Ha! I love someecards!
I found these guys who are my new favorite ecard - not as many but funnier Cerebral Itch

their love and sex and birthday ecards slay me

great blog BTW