Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wednesday Note -

It's been quiet around here lately. It's probably because February sucks and the green of Fort Myers seems so far away.

I've been keeping up with Spring Training news by reading the three Star Trib baseball writers:




Quite frankly, it's kind've boring. I'm having more fun watching the New Twins Stadium Webcam than I am discussing Philip Humbers elbow. There are other things going on too, like the transportation bill tax thing, the Wild slide and the Canseco Birthday Party headlines.

It's hard to be excited about a team that I've never seen play. This is like, a whole new squad. Somebody should compile a list of spring training games being broadcast on television.

Picture of the day:

Vigo the Carpathian

That's all I have for right now. Questions? Comments? Concerns? post a comment below.


Holmer said...

3/5 12:15pm @ NNY ESPN
3/9 12:05pm v. NNY FSN
3/15 12:05pm @ PHI FSN
3/16 12:05pm v. TOR 29
3/23 12:05pm v. BAL 29
3/26 12:05pm @ PIT FSN
3/31 6:05pm v. LAA 29 (The Party begins at home)

How about Humber's inning yesterday? Hopefully he can find a way to start avoiding bats.

Daymonster said...

I have never seen anyone write kind've like that before.

haasertime said...

Humber is a bum. It's NOT too early to say that.

my god daymonster you're right. what the hell was I...whats the word for that apostrophe thing in the middle've a word?

Daymonster said...

Are you talking about a contraction? I like it though any time there is an 'of' at the end of a two word phrase it should now be 've'.