Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thursday's Random Thoughts

By m. haas

- Still thinking about Johan Santana deal and how screwed up it was? If you haven't already, make sure to check out LaVelle's story from earlier this week. It does a good job of breaking down the whole situation and bringing closure. Also, Joe C. checks in, talking about how Erik Bedard got a better haul of prospects than Santana. I think you could almost argue that Matt Garza brought in a better haul of prospects than Santana. But if you read the aforementioned LaVelle story, you'll understand why the Johan trade didn't get what some thought was right.

- Joe Nathan had talked earlier about not taking a hometown discount to stay with the Twins, but now they are talking about an extension. I like Joe Nathan and everything, but giving a premiere closer premiere money doesn't seem to make much sense for the Twins right now.

switching gears. ..

- I think paid programming/infomercials are a real slap in the face to we, the consumers. These classy networks like NBC and CBS can't find a profitable enough program to show on Saturday, so they whore themselves to advertising. It's terrible.

- How did Mike n' Ikes get their name? Now that's a real mystery. There are two names, but several flavors. I don't get it. They are tasty though.

- From the old news department: Greenpeace started an online poll to determine what an orphaned whale should be named. People came up with all these majestic and meaningful names, but the winner: Mr. Splashy Pants. I think that name is hilarious.

- Apparently Microsoft is in talks with Yahoo! about a merger/buyout. Google is not happy. It has something to do with web-based applications and ad-revenue. What does this mean?

- This whole Roger Clemens situation is sure heating up. One day he testifies under oath that he has never used performance enhancing drugs, the next day McNamee provides physical evidence that Clemens has used. This evidence raises all kinds of questions like: how/why the hell did he hold onto used gauze and syringes. It'll be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

- Gophers football has a top 25 recruiting class. Good for them. Gopher Nation.

More Prince: I've probably mentioned this video way too many times, but I honestly do think it's one of the best performances ever.


soup said...


We only had one year of santana. That's a big deal. Rays got garza for like 6 years. seatle got bedard for 2 years. I undersand getting fewer prospects for only one year of the best pitcher on the planet.

Daymonster said...

Apparently Microsoft is in talks with Yahoo! about a merger/buyout. Google is not happy. It has something to do with web-based applications and ad-revenue. What does this mean?

This is a way bigger deal that most people even realize. It's crazy. So Google makes a shit ton of money on Adwords. Adwords are the sponsored links above and to the right of the search results you get when you search for something. Also they might be on random websites and stuff. People don't pay google to have those there but they do pay every time some one clicks on it. And that amount depends it could be anywhere from a penny to a few bucks (it depends on the search terms).

Now, MSN and Yahoo also have similar business models for this. Yahoo is Yahoo SM (for search marketing) and MSN has MSN adcenter. Now even combined Adwords has a larger market share than adcenter and yahoo SM but it would be a big deal for google if they combined.

While that is probably the main driving force behind this deal it is not what it is ALL about. Google is also exteremely worried about the fact that probably 90% of everyone on the internet that uses email and/or Im uses MSN/Yahoo. This could be considered a type of monopoly as MSN/Yahoo might find ways to keep users from gaining access to the instant messaging, e-mail and Web-based services of competitors like Google.

But it will depend on what govt says is in the email/im realm. If it includes facebook, myspace, etc. Then google won't have an argument but if they are looking at free webbased email and instant messenger they might. It's really pretty interesting if you think about it. It would totally change the internet.

Sorry. That was long. I hope an anonymous guy doesn't call me lame.

TwinsWin83 said...

Good point about Garza possibly bringing in better prospects than Santana. It sure would seem that is the case at first glance wouldnt it? Atleast when it comes to impact players right now.

Mike N Ikes are my favorite candy. Maybe someone should look into that name, it is odd.

If you guys havent seen The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford yet it was just released on DVD. It is defenetly worth checking out so go rent in or throw in your Netflix queue.

According to the U of M had the 16th best recruiting class in the country and 3rd best in the Big Ten. I guess thats something Brewster is known for which is good cause he didnt really do a rock solid job on the sidelines last year.

Daymonster said...

Theories about the origin of the MIKE AND IKE® brand name include a company-wide contest, a vaudeville song titled “Mike and Ike” and the “IKE” Eisenhower era.

according to their website... even they don't know... psshh.

TwinsWin83 said...

nice new format mike. I like it.

Daymonster said...

I was going to ask that. I made some changes, obviously but I have the old way saved and could change it in a couple minutes.

Let me know if we want it changed back or changed a little bit or whatever. Sorry Haas, I tried to contact you first but I got stir crazy.

Holmer said...

"The Assassination of Jesse James"...
I was wondering throughout the movie, how historically correct any of it could be.

Also...Being a Northfielder, I would've liked to have seen the ealry streets of Northfield depicted by Hollywood, as other films have set us in the middle of a mountain range. The whole movie begins post Northfield raid, so you don't get any of that.

If you are interested in the life of Jesse and the Gang he lead, then you can get through the two hours and forty minutes of a slow, "accurate" look into the way it all ended for him.

Haas: It's not possible to mention that video too many times. I loved it from the versitility of his voice, to the creativity of the outfits, not to mention the mastery of his licks.

TwinsWin83 said...

Ive done a rediculous amount of research on Jesse James throughout my college career as a history major (any time I was able to select my own topic I would argue Jesse James was a reasonable connection to whatever our subject was) and from what I can tell "The Assass. of JJ" is the most accurate Hollywood portrayal of the outlaw to date.

Because of the time period that James came out of its nearly impossible to narrow down "exact fact from fiction." Because of the split between the North and South following the Civil War half the country saw him as a hero and the other half as a criminal and murderer.

The reason I liked "The Assassination" is because it showed him as a human being and not the Robin Hood-like super-human figure that the dime novels at the time and Hollywood since have made him out to be. It shows the dark effects he is facing late in life as a result of the horrible things he had done and the paranoia he suffered as a result.

As you can tell JJ is a subject I like to discuss. Maybe when a few more of you have seen the movie we'll put together a review and discussion on the matter. It would be interesting to see how all the Northfielders feel on the topic.

Casey Affleck should win the Oscar for his role but Im guessing the dude from No Country From Old Men will win it.

Jim H. said...

Thumbs up on the new format.

tfrezac2002 said...

Has anyone else gone to the Mets web page lately? I was there today and they have a photo-shopped action shot of Johan pitching in a Mets jersey. Pretty upsetting.

Daymonster said...

in the title?

yeah thats bullshit.

we should do that for Deolis Guerra, put him in an Elizabethton Twins uniform

haasertime said...

yea soup, i shoulda mentioned that the fact bedard got more prospects wasn't indicative of how bad billy smith screwed things up. I think Bill James should come up a formula for trading pitchers. obviously the main drawback to trading for santana is the fact that he was demanding a gigantic contract. you won't get that by trading for matt garza.

tommy: i sort of understand the merger stuff. it does sound interesting. we should talk more about this.

I saw assassination of jesse james last night. It's kinda depressing and good at the same time. very odd feel to it. I wish i would have seen it in the theater, cuz the cinematography is awesome. casey affleck did do a fine job of acting in it, i hated his character and he gave me the 'willies' I gave a trimphant YEA! when they finally said the word, 'Northfield'

i like the reformat, especially the width. we can talk/vote about/on banners and color schemes.

that photoshop would be good. lets hitch our pony to Deolis now.

Karleeee said...


Holy shit.
Im not the only person who wants to take a
saudering iron to his mouth?

And I agree with the whole Gaaaarza getting in better prospects than sit-down-bitch Santana.