Friday, February 8, 2008

Aaron Fotheringham: Extreme Wheelchair

Hey, I know it's late on Friday but I just came across this article on ESPN and I am ashamed I haven't heard of this kid earlier.

Here is the article and below are a couple links to some of his stuff on youtube. Have a good weekend guys.

First wheelchair backflip.
Other sweet jumps and tricks.
Another video.


TwinsWin83 said...

Saw this on SportsCenter last night and it was pretty cool. Nice to see.

Daymonster said...

ooops, didn't see that post haas. I'm going to leave this up cause i want people to see it. I'm reading your post below now.

haasertime said...

thats fine, but i just moved yours below mine. i spent a lot of time on that shit ass article.

that shits pretty wicked. ive never heard of him either.

Daymonster said...

sounds good.

Jeff said...

what's with the new crazy web page format...i liked the old school one