Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blogging Daytona 500

By 606 Taylor

Yeehaw. The following post should be read in a obnoxious southern accent. This is the first time any of us have ever watched NASCAR. We're going to watch the whole thing. We've got our Budweiser Tall Boys in one hand and our Dale Jr. handkerchief in the other. We're all strapped in for the race. We're more excited for this than a hot southern summer's day is long.

Nothin' better than eatin a skin on wiener, drinking a Bud Silo, watching a race.... if you don't daydream atleast once a week about the day Kirk Binger won the 82nd Nagano Rally in the number 56 Potpourri car I need to ask you 2 questions. Do you sit when you pee and does your country celebrate Christmas....

before the start..... biggity biggity biggity biggity boo here we go!

if you don't get torn up like a can of kraut over the Daytona 500, you might not be an American

- lap 4 - Tony Stewart got a push from Denny Hamlin, "and theres the old rod and reel we're gonn' see him pull him right back in"

lap 6 - "and thats what i call workin both sides of the give a little then you GO!"

The Daytona is 500 miles, 200 laps.....

At lap 19 Mike the Machete Haas yelled "dammit Mears you're going to blow out you're restrictor plates" You're as useless as a football bat!!!!"

lap 23- I don't think I've ever seen anybody that can make me say Wow more than that 18 car, nobody can go 3 wide like him....

lap 47 - Zoning out, losing interest. The announcers are talking in their southern drawl about tires and lap times, and all I can say is: What are they talking about?

Lap 50 - I wonder if Michael Cuddyer and Matt LeCroy like nascar. They are from Virginia or around there, right?

We're arguing about whether nascar is a sport and if the drivers are athletes. The answer is no.

Lap 54 - When the hell is Minnesota going to get a professional race track? I want to watch cars going in a circle in person!

Lap 60 - Andy says, 'oh my gosh, Kahne just turned right!' But Andy is still learning left from right. Nascar drivers only turn left.

Commercial break - just saw ads for American Idol and a Larry the cable guy movie. We've decided that we will blog while we view those too.

End of Race - whoa what happened? I fell asleep. The experiment is over...I still don't like race car watching. It was fun to live in that world, if only for a moment.


tfrezac2002 said...

HooooooWeeeeee!!! Hawt damn what a race!

soup said...

Big fan of this post.

I watched about 20 minutes of the race. The cars went for wide for a bit...i'm not sure what that means, but the announcers seemed pretty excited about it.