Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Theories on Lost

By T. Daymont

I noticed that someone TW83 mentioned lost in yesterday's post. And as I really don't have much to say about the upcoming Twins season (I am currently in the dreaded hope, pray, wait and see mode) I wanted to first give a couple of my theories on Lost. The greatest television show in the last 20 years.

For those of you who don't watch Lost, I suggest you quickly go buy the first 3 seasons on DVD or BluRay. Watch them. Think about the in-depth plot line. And then come back and read this.

First. The Oceanic Six. Obviously they consist of Hurley, Kate and Jack and three other castaways. I am not sure of the other three: But if I had to guess right now (and I do) I would say: Sawyer, Bernard and Rose.

The reason these are the three I am guessing is that I think the time that happens on the island isn't happening at the same time as the rest of the world. Which is whey the six need to lie about other survivors and knowing someone like Ana Lucia. When her partner asked Hurley about her he says did you meet her on the plane. Not did you meet her on the island. So either they A) said she died on impact and then they were on the island for a month or they were rescued the next day.

I am not exactly sure about that theory but there is no doubt in my mind that the "lie" they are telling is about the number of survivors.

Another theory is how Kate is back in the US without being in jail. The US Marshalls had to have known one fo their agents was on the plane with a wanted murderer. How could she be free, unless she was tried and acquitted it doesn't make sense. Possibly she took the place of one of the actually dead or "not-so-dead" survivors. Not sure who it would be, possibly Claire as she wouldn't have that much family to find her and prove the lie?

What are you thoughts? Or does know one watch Lost?


soup said...

I should have rewatched the third season before I watched last thursday. I felt like I was missing a bunch of stuff.

I stopped trying to form theories based on the flash forwards. I feel like they keep changing. Wasn't jack like a deadbeat in one of them?

I think that the oceanic 6 are lying to protect the other crash survivors. I think they are being held hostage on the island and if the oceanic 6 tell the secrets of the island the other survivors will be killed.

geez I have no idea.

TwinsWin83 said...

damn dude you took atleast two of my theories.

#1 being that time on the island is not happening at the same rate as "real world time." Many believe that the Losties believe they have been on the island for 95days when the resucue choppers arrive in the season 4 premire but in the real world they are rescued the next day after the crash. Im not sure I believe this and to even think about it makes my head spin. It would however explain why pregnant women dont survive on the island and some of the other healing powers the island has.

#2- I believe Kate has replaced Claire in the real world as she and her baby either A) didnt make the trip home because she believes she must follow the instructions of the physic and raise her baby on her own or B) they died. This theory runs into issues when you think that because the Oceanic 6 become famous upon their return that someone would recognize Kate for who she really was.

#3- My thoughts on the "Oceanic 6"- they are obviously Jack, Kate and Hurley and I believe the other three are Jin and Sun (Sun knows she cant survive her pregnancy on the island) and Sawyer because he wouldnt leave Kate. I believe Sawyer is the "he" Kate refers to during the final moments of the season 3 finale.

This doesnt mean other people from the island didnt make it back to reality, i.e Desmond, Juliet, Ben because they would not be considered part of the Oceanic 6 because they were not on the flight.

What I believe happened is that those were the only six who decided they WANTED to go home. The "rescue team" that just arrived tells the Losties something profound and along the same lines of what Ben has been saying that they should not leave the island, and subsaquently most of them CHOOSE to stay on the island. The six that decide to go home make a pact never to tell the real world there are other survivors. Upon coming home, the 6realize they have made a mistake and thus want to get back to the island and their friends for some reason or another.

I believe the series will end in season 6 with everyone back together on the island.

Anonymous said...

Twinswin83=HUGE d-bag, with no life.

TwinsWin83 said...

Sorry we arent discussing Will and Grace or something more up your alley anonymous.

haasertime said...

takes a big man to call a person a d-bag ANONYMOUSLY.

Daymonster said...

I originally thought that it would be sun. But if the time thing was an issue it wouldn't make sense. She is 3 months pregnant by the time they get back. (Although I guess that wouldn't be the toughest to hide)

Soup: Yeah, in the first flashforward Jack is super fucked up on booze and Oxy. And in the one last week he was not. They hinted about him growing a beard so we are supposed to assume the time he met hurley at the looney bin was before the first flash forward.

Speaking of Hurley. I think he is not really seeing Charlie its just how he deals with the loss (like he did with the bald guy in the crazy home before the crash). As for the other guy who pointed out Charlie, that guy is imaginary too. He was playing connect 4 with him but we never saw him actually move the pieces.

Just my thoughts. I'm glad I have others to talk about this shit with.

Soup go to ABC.com see the recap and last seasons finale with annoted commentary. It helps.

Anon... why didn't you say that about me. I was the one who actually posted about this.

kate said...

Twins - I agree we will find out that there is a issue with "real world time" and "island time" not aligning. But to what extent, it may be too soon to speculate.

Because of all the media attention surrounding the Oceanic 6, I propose the mysterious person in the coffin was someone not on the flight. However, this doesn't bode well for my original theory it was Michael.

How about the idea of Christian having already been to the island and his desire to return driving him to drink - mirroring what is happening to Jack once he is off the island. (We still don't know what happened to Christian's body back in season one).

The new arrivals for on the island work for Penny's father? (Obviously w/out Penny's knowledge).

kate said...

Oh, and the theory of Kate taking over Claire's identity makes no sense to me. . .

TwinsWin83 said...

Yeah I think there is a lot more to Christain then what we know and him knowing about/trying to find the island would seen to click. I even heard a theory that he was still alive since his body was not in coffin that they found. I guess it could be possible, with either the healing powers of the island or maybe he was never dead to begin with and Jack was just hallucinating.

I always kind of assumed it was Ben in the coffin in the season 3 flashforward since no one was there to visit.

The black lawyer that visited Hurley in the nut house last weeks name was Matthew Abaddon. A theory I read was that many biblical scholars believe the name Abaddon to be Satan or the anti-christ. Not sure what that means but its a weird coincidence.

Daymonster said...

I thought Abaddon meant destruction or something. in hebrew.

TwinsWin83 said...

You might be right. It was just something I read, that some biblical scholars thought that name would link somehow with the devil and end times. Its just another example of how the writers of Lost like to screw with our heads.

kate said...

How did we all miss this one?? It explains a bunch!!