Thursday, November 29, 2007

Random Notes, Despite Trade Stuff

By Michael Haas

- There's really not much to say about the Garza for Young trade. It seems pretty even. The Rays needed an arm and we needed a bat. As Twins fans, all we can do is sit back and trust Billy Smith, because there's certainly more to come. It's weird to be a Twins fan right now. I'm excited for the future, but sad that we're losing all our players and that we didn't win with them. So we'll wait and see. Here are some random notes and thoughts while we sort this whole thing out...

I hate driving. One of the most important questions one must ask oneself when driving in the city is: Left Lane, or Right Lane? The left lane is generally a faster lane, but say the car right in front of one tries to turn left? Could be big problems. So might as well go to the right lane. Well that's fine, except for pedestrians. You see, pedestrians have the right of way. Does anyone understand what I'm talking about?

- Most populous cities in Minnesota, as of the 2000 census:

Minneapolis 373,811
St. Paul 275,150
Rochester 97,191
Duluth 85,889
Bloomington 84,347
Brooklyn Park 71,048

Sucks to be Mankato and St. Cloud. Didn't even crack the top six. (click the city names for the dumbest image result from the first page of a google search)

- I went to see the Bob Dylan biopic, 'I'm Not There' the other day in Uptown. The movie uses six different actors playing Bob Dylan. It doesn't have an obvious plot, so I wouldn't really even call it a movie. It's like a collage of stories, images and summaries of Bob Dylan. It weaves in and out and around different characters and stories, but doesn't really tell you anything about the guy. It's wild - go see it whether you're a Dylan fan or not. Just sit back and let the images wash over you. It's better to do that than expect some kind of biographical story.
Watch the trailer

- Former AH! contributor Krystal Webb got her Twins blog off the ground recently. She even has a big money backer. Pretty exciting stuff. In one of her recent blogs, she admits that she's finally ready to talk about Torii Hunters departure. That's something AH! hasn't even done yet. I think we were in the acceptance category in July. Check her out:

- Do you know what year it was four score and seven years ago? If you said 1776, you'd be wrong. You see, a 'score' is twenty years. So four score would be 80. If you remember elementary math class, you know 'and' means 'plus.' So that puts us at 87. And 87 years ago was 1920. The same year that the Cleveland Indians won their first of many World Series Championships.

here's some other exciting stuff going around the internets -

"Givin' him the business," said the ref. Click here.

Hilarious bunch of rap song graphs and things. Really funny. click here.

- Has anyone noticed how bad the music is on Menards commercials? It's like this really bad country blues grass banjo music. The only thing worse is the music they use during the holiday season. But it's not just their television ads, it's their whole campaign. The Dale Earnhardt Jr. billboards that say, 'Gr -8 Savings!' I mean c'mon. Hick music and Nascar. No wonder everyone goes to the Home Depot at the Quarry rather than the Menards near the Midway.

-Quick reminders: For those of you who didn't see Tuesdays post, we are doing a local brewpub tour in December. The event has been RESCHEDULED to DECEMBER 15th. All are welcome. More info to come. We're also doing an AH! cookbook for the holiday season, featuring reader submitted recipes. They don't have to be anything fancy, so email those recipes!

And finally, 3 blog points to whoever names the greatest switch hitter of all time.


Daymonster said...

Mantle probably... although I am a big fan of Peter Edward Rose Sr. my self.

Also, those graphs are pretty hilarious.

I am writing a post about left lane/ right lane issues so stay tuned.

TwinsWin83 said...

I think Toms right. It would prolly have to be Mantle. Eddie Murray is up there. Chipper Jones?

I'm gonna post a big 'I told you so' in two years when Garza is dominating and Delmon Young is starting fights in the Twins lockerroom while hitting 15 home runs a year.

Daymonster said...

and I'm gonna post a medium sized "I wasn't really sure at the time it happened" when Delmon is hitting abour .286 and 24 hrs and Garza is a number 3 or 4 starter.

TwinsWin83 said...

I actualy hope your right tom.

How strange is it to see Torii Hunter in another teams cap and jersey?

Daymonster said...

this is my dream job, just sitting by the computer and turning this:

into this:

haasertime said...

yes, i was thinking of mantle. we'll have to tally up blog points. maybe for our one year anny, if we make it.

its been 6 months, hasn't it?

tfrezac2002 said...

I would say Eddie Murray he had: avg, power, speed, defense, and was just a scary dude.
Chipper would have to be third behind Murray and Mantle.

I usually stick with the right lane, nothing is worse than waiting for some jerk off who could have turned left 3 times and is still just sitting there not knowing what from what.