Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Four Things You Didn't Know and Don't Care About

They're really doing it. The Twins and the Tigers are going head-to-head, toe-to-toe, blow-for-blow, ass-to-mouth for the central division crown. After splitting the doubleheader on Tuesday, the Twins will need to win both games to have decent shot at the title. And everyone knows that. So why did I write it? Why did you read it? Fuck it. It's already been written and by the time you're reading this, it's been read. What else do you want? Analysis? Want to see a breakdown of the Twins stats vs. Eddie Bonine? You know everything that's important: the Twins need to win the final two games of the series.

You know everything about the Twins situation. Here are four thing you don't know about other random stuff.

Deadspin kinda sucks now.

Deadspin, a member of the Gawker conglomerate, was once a great national sports blog. They were hilarious, and injected some quasi-intelligence into an ESPN-soaked sports world. Now it's more like a sports news aggregater, simply linking to interesting and funny sports junk on the web.

Some douche on Deadspins payroll recently wrote(!) a post entitled, "Tigers And Twins Desperately Trying To Make You Care About Baseball" in which he attempts the belittle the pennant race. He implies that he nor anyone at Deadspin cares about baseball. Which is total bullshit because they were writing original material about the White Sox-Twins pennant race a lot last year. I hate when people pretend to not care about exciting sports events just to seem cool.

I am the only person in the whole state who hasn't witnessed the Brett Favre touchdown pass thing, and I couldn't be happier. I was on my way home from Kansas City at the time. I would rather drive through Iowa than watch a Vikings game, bar none.

Even though I'm guilty of it myself, I'm sick of everyone assuming the Yankees will roll the AL Central champ. Of course the cards would be stacked against both teams. And the Tigers obviously suck. The Twins can't win in New York. Seriously though, if the Twins can pull off a September like this, I theoretically like their chances. Rolling in hot to Yankee Stadium, with nothing to lose and no one taking them seriously would really tip the scales in the Twins favor. I can't stand the Yankees.

Tonight's starter, righty Eddie Bonine, isn't very good. He hasn't faced the Twins this season, which is good news considering the Twins always hit young hurlers well. Right handed hitters have a .385 average against him. Of course, he isn't very good against lefties, who have hit .328. Hopefully the Twins will punish the last two terrible pitchers in these next two games, so they can get drilled by the Yankees in the first round.



Anonymous said...

I hate when people pretend to not care about exciting sports events just to seem cool.

I would rather drive through Iowa than watch a Vikings game, bar none.

If this was written ironically, it probably went over most people's heads.

bizmarkie507 said...

I don't think I've ever been to deadspin. I've never cared about blogs really. Alright Hamilton is the only blog that I've visited more than 5 times.

I'm watching every vikings game now because of Percy Harvin. Gators could really use him right now.

TwinsWin83 said...

I completly agree with the statement about liking the Twins chances vs the Yankees. Why is that the wild card teams in each league have had so much success over the past decade in the playoffs? Because they have to fight and claw just to get in, and they typicaly have to play their best baseball over the final few weeks to get in. As opposed to many division winners who are in early and hit cruise control for 2 weeks leading up to the playoffs.

Now I know the twins arent the wild card team but theyre hitting their stride right now so you never know if somehow they can sneak in.

Or they could get swept.

haasertime said...


I think they understood it, but I doubt they found it funny.