Sunday, September 20, 2009

Comedy Central

The Twins failed to sweep the Tigers on Sunday, getting beat by a Nate Robinson. The left handed pitcher is so bad and injured that Tiger manager Jim Leyland wouldn't even let him pitch until recently. Neither team seemed to impress the numerous Yankee scouts at the Metrodome. They probably think the division is terrible, and that the Yankees would destroy either team who wins it. They're probably right.

However, the Twins and Tigers need to play more baseball to determine who gets rolled by the Yankees. It's a pennant race alright, only dampened by the fact that both teams aren't good. It's certainly not time to look forward to next season, is it? Let's see what the fans think...

Matching game: see if you can guess to which AL Central team the comment is referring. Each was an actual comment on a game story on their local paper's website. Five blog points to anyone who can match all four correctly.


This team was built to do exactly what it did, lose in the worst division in baseball. If that's not enough, they did [so] while accumulating the fewest games in the majors lost due to injury. [The] complete lack of respect for defense, OBP or anything resembling sound fundamental baseball is the reason we were forced to watch substandard baseball this year

PUKE!!!PUKE!!!PUKE!!! What a puke of a team, mostly minor league pukes, along with a puke of a manager and a puke of a GM....equals one big puke of a team. ... 12 minor leaguers on this team. Get rid of that piece of crap now or else the future is a cesspool

I am being very careful not to judge this team by their wins and losses. I hear they are sensitive about that. Just judging by the three guys we got thrown out on the bases and the three double plays we blew, we must be really bad on defense and not have a clue running the bases. Bear in mind though I am not judging them on wins and losses because I know now that I am not supposed to do that

My gosh, just end the season today...the fans don't care anymore and the team gave up long before the fans

That makes us feel better, right? Those thoughts and feelings could be applied to any team in the AL Central. But at the moment, the Twins are the ones with the most positivity and momentum in the division.

Twins @ White Sox

Prediction: Sweep

Analysis: Wishful thinking.


Anonymous said...

My guesses:

1. Cleveland
2. Kansas City
3. Royals
4. Kansas City Royals


brex said...

1. Twins
2. Gophers
3. Timberwolves
4. Stallions

soup said...

1. Twins
2. Twins
3. Twins
4. Twins
5. Sioux Falls Canaries
6. Yo mama (lol)

Seriously you guys. The Twins make me throwup in my mouth a little bit (rolls eyes). Bill Smith's logic is add nausea. He should just put down the crack pipe and LITERALLY READ A FREEKING BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

bizmarkie507 said...

1-2 Indians
3. Tigers
4. Royals

haasertime said...

The responses were much more creative than the answers. I wish I had included a joke or two in there. Oh well.

Here's the answers:

1- "lack of respect for defense, OBP or anything resembling sound fundamental baseball" WHITE SOX

2 - "PUKE PUKE PUKE" That's an over-reaction from a Tigers fan after Saturdays loss to the Twins.

3 - "not judging them on wins and losses" Only a Royals fans would be so beaten down as to stop judging their team by how good they are, albeit sarcastically.

4 - "The team gave up long before the fans" INDIANS.

No blog points for anyone.

Daymonster said...


Do I still get points if it's late?

brex said...

tom wins

bizmarkie507 said...

I kind've want to write a 5000 word essay on Tim Tebow.