Thursday, January 8, 2009

A solution to College Football without needing a playoff

The Florida Gators and Oklahoma Sooners will play for the National Championship tonight, and yet again, multiple teams are screaming injustice. The Argument is that there are too many qualified teams to fill two slots, so they want a playoff. Let's take a look at the teams that were left angry on the sidelines and think about what should they should have done/should do to better their situation.

Southern California Trojans: They are an annual powerhouse, and looked like a much better team than the Big Ten's finest (tries not to laugh) Penn State in the Rose Bowl. Like Oklahoma and Florida, they only have one loss, to go with a few high profile wins. The Trojans get snubbed because of their strength of schedule. The Pac-10 has been dubbed the Pac-1, because the level of teams significantly drop off compared to USC. A large disadvantage they have is that unlike the ACC, Big 12, and SEC, they do not have a Conference Championship game. A way to kill three birds with one stone is to invite Boise State to the conference. Boise State dominates their conference every year, usually goes undefeated, yet do not get taken seriously for a National Championship because of their weak conference. Adding Boise State to the Pac-10 would strengthen both USC and BSU's schedule, and 11 teams would help justify a 1 vs 2 Pac-10 title game.

Boise State Broncos: See above.

Utah Utes: Many are making the case that they deserve the National Championship because of their win over Alabama and their undefeated record. What kills them is their 72nd ranked Strength of Schedule. For some reason, nobody is talking about how Utah and Texas had a 2-1 contract, meaning these teams would play each other 3 consecutive years, 2007 at Texas, 2008 at Utah, and 2009 back at Texas. This didn't happen because Utah pulled out of this season's game at the last minute, so Texas scheduled Arkansas State instead. If Utah wants to be taken seriously as a possible National Champion, then they need to play Texas, period. If that Texas/Utah game occurred, whichever team lost would be clearly out of the NCG picture, and which ever team won most likely would be playing Florida tonight.

University of Texas Longhorns: They do have the biggest argument out of anybody to play in the National Championship Game, due to the fact that they beat Oklahoma earlier this year. People say the BCS screwed them because Oklahoma, by a few percentage points, inched out Texas in the Rankings, thus the highest BCS ranked team got to play in the conference championship and so on and so forth. But the fact is, the Big 12 all around got this one wrong.

The SEC's rule about a 3 way tie is they take the two highest ranked BCS teams out of the three, and go with head to head. This makes perfect sense. The Big 12 just simply goes with the highest ranked BCS team, disregarding head to head completely. You also have to acknowledge the fact that Every Big 12 coach unanimously agreed to said rules, so ultimately Texas has nobody to blame but themselves. But I also blame the Big 12 as a whole for agreeing to these tiebreaker rules.

So there you have it. As much as I'd like a playoff, it just simply isn't going to happen anytime in the near future. If these teams make these adjustments, then we wouldn't be hearing the massive arguments.


bizmarkie507 said...

Haas I gotta run, so i didnt have time to add any pics or really proof read this thing for errors. If you have time on your hands feel free to edit it. Or delete it if it sucks to much

brex said...

go sooners!

bizmarkie507 said...

Super Man does it again lol

Daymonster said...

if waters didn't like the gators I would hate them more than almost anyteam in sports... but i can't hate something with a lot of passion if someone likes waters likes them.

tfrezac2002 said...

I wanted Florida to win just so I wouldn't have to listen to Waters bitch about how they lost for the rest of the winter.

Or maybe he would have dropped it soon and focused on the soon to be NBA champion MN T-wolves. Only 11 games back in the play off hunt.


haasertime said...

good read. Those small schools are vaginas. Boise state wants to be taken seriously, but they would never join a big time conference. And I had never heard about the Utah-Texas thing. I'd like to know the whole story.

I wanted Florida to win for no particular reason. Tebow is somethin like a phenomenon