Friday, January 16, 2009

More notes

-University of Minnesota student, Casey Carlson, is a contestant on American Idol and has made it through to Hollywood. Why is this significant? Well, because. I will watch every episode until she is eliminated (and probably the ones after that).

-You ever wonder what Marty Cordova is up to these days? I did. I used to wake up at night in cold sweats yelling, “Cordova!?!?!” In my head, since his retirement, he has been racing motorcycles in volcanoes and hunting foxes with various European dignitaries and their hounds.

Well, now I know what he’s up to, and I’m not sure I’ll be sleeping better at night. I guess he is doing old man feats of strength with UFC president Dana White. It's not all that entertaining, but here's the video evidence. In another video of Cordova talking about the UFC, he says that Sidney Ponson was the only crazy guy that he played with, and that his Twins teammates were well-behaved because, "Tom Kelly made sure we stayed in line or he wouldn't play you." The 1995 rookie of the year also started a jewelry company. Seriously.

-The Yankees signed three type A free agents this year. I don't usually pay attention to Major League Baseball's rules for signing and trading. They make my brain hurt. But, I do know that you have to give up draft picks when you sign type A or B free agents. So, what picks did the Yankees have to give to the teams that they signed free agents from?

As a Twins fan, I have no idea. My team has never experienced this. The Twins haven't signed a type A free agent...well, ever, I don't think.

A google search told me that the Angels get the Yankee's first round pick for Teixeira. The Brewers get the Yankee's second round pick for Sabathia. And the Blue Jays get the Yankee's third round pick for Burnett. There are also "sandwich picks," or something. And apparently there is an equation involved to rank free agents, but I don't have my TI 83 with Bottom line, it sucks to be the Blue Jays.

Sorry, if you already knew this, and you wasted your life reading the last paragraph. But, stay tuned next week when I investigate a rumor about pitchers being required to hit in the National League.

-Final Jeopardy of the day without searching the internet: This player hit his first Major League grand slam as a pinch hitter for the go ahead run against the Toronto Blue Jays in 2004.


haasertime said...

Matt LeCroy. I think he had two pinch hit grand slams that year.

Casey Carlson has cowboy boots.

soup said...

Judges?? Ooh, I'm sorry Haas we can't accept it.

haasertime said...

don't fuck with me. So he didn't hit another pinch hit grand slam, but I
he hit that one.

soup said...

The correct answer is "WHO IS Matt LeCroy?" This is Jeopardy, after all.

Also, if Justin Morneau was in a barbershop quartet they would be called the Morneauts (pronounced: more notes)

tfrezac2002 said...

Did anyone else catch the locations of that stupid jewelry that Marty is hocking? L.A., Las Vegas and what can only be their biggest selling store, Baxtor MN.