Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rewind: omg, Twins to be contracted

Here's what would have been written if Alright Hamilton were in existence in November, 2001.

First McDonald's burns down, then terrorists attack, and now this. The Twins are one of two teams that are rumored to be part of Bud Selig's contraction plan. What does that mean? It means the Twins would cease to exist. Major League Baseball would buy the organization, and then dissolve it. From Walter Johnson to Kirby Puckett to Cristian Guzman, all that history....poof.

And this comes after our most successful season since the early 90's. The Twins almost took the division this season, and we have the same team coming back. It's sickening.

How did it come to this?

Carl Pohlad. He volunteered the Twins for this outrageous plan. Most Twins fans agree that he's a stingy old miser, but we never thought it could come to this. Some people considered him at least a fan, and thanked him for buying the team and keeping them in Minnesota, and for opening his checkbook to keep Kirby here. But if Pohlad and Selig get their wish, Pohlad's legacy will be worse than Norm Green's. Much worse. To willfully dissolve a beloved team is a slap in the face to the citizens of Minnesota. He cares about money - he has no respect for us.

Here's a quote from the Star Tribune:

"[Pohlad's] family will be forever a pariah in Minnesota ... the Pohlad name will be remembered with contempt. ... For 41 years, the Twins have added greatly this state's social fabric and identity. Letting them die when we need them most is foolish indeed"

Other thoughts:

- Being a senior in high school rocks. Our band kicks ass.

- We should totally invade Iraq before the blow us up with all their WMD's.

- Who would your new favorite team be if the Twins are contracted? Mine may be the Rockies. Mike Hampton had a bad season, but he'll turn it around. Ron Coomer probably won't be back with the Cubs, so maybe I'll root for whichever team he signs with, as long as it's not the Yankees.


Daymonster said...

One problem. We would have never have said omg back in 2001.

TwinsWin83 said...

The Raiders baseball team is going to awesome this school year.

How is Mientkiewicz going to win the MVP in 02' now? He might hit .400 next season.

Has anyone seen Gladiator yet? That Russell Crowe is one badass?

soup said...

Gun to your head. Would you rather the Twins get contracted or 9/11 happen?

Anonymous said...

Serious question from a serious guy. Since 9/11 already happened, I'm going to have to go with that. Plus, that happened in September and this was written in Noveber, nothing we could do.

Cristian Guzman was the second coming and more of Gagne, and the Twins were sitting a-top my favoite list.

Of course you brought up the glory days Foss. Although your point was strongly proved in late Spring the next year.

Mientkiewicz, Guzman and Hunter were on top of the Twins world. What have you done for me lately...?