Monday, January 26, 2009

Art Span and Jason Kerbul

Well, haven't had too much to say lately. But I figured I'd share this little bit of not-so-interesting information with you all.

While watching the T-wolves overtime win over the Bulls last night. They cameraman panned the crowd and who did they spot, none other than Jason Kerbul and Art Span. Well, at least that's how the commentators Neil Funk and Stacey King pronounced them.

To be fair the reason they look so angry could be that at this point the Timberwolves were shooting about as bad as the Dallas Academy girls basketball team. Zing!

Kubel and Span (who I never thought would be the ones hanging out together, Morneau and Gomez always seemed like a good duo) put on a clinic for how to look cool and like you just don't care.

Anywho, while the game was pretty fun to watch it got old listening to Funk and King talking about how small the TV monitors are in the Target canter and "why would anyone ever move from Chicago to Minnesota?"

These guys are like the Chicago White Sox of Basketball!


haasertime said...

Nice shirt Kubel. Is that his way of coming out of the closet?

jon elliot said...

yeah, living in chi-town, i was watching that too. that was about my thoughts exactly.

Anonymous said...

Ask Joe Crede that question!


soup said...

Love the off-season bonding.

Kerbul is even worse than kooBELL.