Friday, January 9, 2009

Random Notes: Prince Edition

- Prince hates record labels. Remember when he changed his name to that unspeakable symbol? He claimed the record label essentially owned the name 'prince' and used it to make money. He hates record labels. So to release the three albums worth of new material this year without a record label, Prince devised a plan. Start a website. It's an odd choice considering that Prince seems to hate the internet, too. He's one of the only artists who has essentially no music on youtube. He once tried to sue one of his fansites for illegal use images and junk.

But I guess his hatred of record labels trumps his hatred of the internet. He launched a few months ago, featuring four new songs, but it was quickly pulled down. His new site,, launched this week. For now, it features three new songs, including a rockin' version of the classic 'Crimson and Clover'

I wrote last month about my lack of interest in my old favorites new music. But Prince has a few things going for him. 1. His inadvertent viral marketing has the web buzzing. 2. The music is good. It seems that he's fine tuned his sound, with more guitar. 3. He's from Minneapolis, and is proud of it. The website features our skyline, and he has a song called MPLSound. Represent.

- Speaking of represent, how cool are these tee-shirts?

- Question: Is there any better movie-album-song trifecta than Purple Rain? Great movie, great album, great song.

- We've posted Prince doing While My Guitar Gently Weeps, his 1985 Purple Rain performance at the AMA's, and his awesome side project, The Family, whose song we used as the 'o8 Twins rally soundtrack.

But make sure you check out his SNL performance before they find it and remove it.

- I can imagine Prince as a mime. What shade of red would you describe his beret?

I can also imagine Prince as a television weatherman.


tfrezac2002 said...

He must not hate the internet that much, he says in his new song (There'll never b) Another like me, "Check my email to see where the party be, change the names to protect the guilty. Then begin to creep"

soup said...


I was waiting for Haas to post something after I read Prince's pledge to release three albums this year. And it didn't disappoint.

I'm definitely going to buy one of those shirts. Maybe one in each color.