Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why are they still playing baseball this late in the year?

Its 3 days from Halloween and Tampa/Philadelphia could still play 3 more games.

I've caught wind that the playoffs , pending some seven game series, could go into November next year and years to come. November? Baseball? wasn't this the sport of summer? I love baseball, but having it span over 9 calendar months is just ridiculous. And what happens if teams like the Twins, Indians, Cubs, White Sox, etc make it to the world series and have to play games in November? How are you supposed to pitch in 20 or lower degree weather? imagine being a catcher trying to catch 80-90 mph frozen fastballs. How are you supposed to throw, hit, steal, dive, sprint for looping fly balls when you're wearing inches of body armor? Why should you play 8 months in warm weather, only to have everything be decided in the worst conditions that you could possibly play in?

And at least in football there's constant action so its easier for fans to be loud, jump around and get the blood flowing. imagine sitting through a 2-1 9 inning baseball game when its 18 degrees at Target Field or Park or whatever its called.

This is stupid. Stop having baseball go on this long, this late in the year.


Holmer said...

What would you say to mandatory retractable roofs? That would seem to be a cure-all for this quandry.

It was quite amazing to watch those guys play the other night in a down pour. Hamels' ball was still hitting its' normal velocity and breaking like a warm summer day. Pretty tough stuff.

soup said...

I'm pro baseball 365.

bizmarkie507 said...

yeah soup that would be pretty sweet. I dont know how they'd pay for it

bizmarkie507 said...

i meant holmer, not soup

haasertime said...

what the hell are you talking about holmer?

a cure-all for this quandry would be not having so many goddamn off days during the post season. They need to play day games, instead of taking a full day off for travel.

adding roofs to every stadium is about the stupidest thing i've hear all day. and i've heard some stupid shit. a third grader told me i should vote for Obama because he's ahead by like 20 thousand. wtf!?!?

TwinsWin83 said...

Haha. Its funny you said that Haas because today a 6th grader told me I should vote for McCain because Obama is a middle eastern-terrorist-dude. Makes you wonder where these kids get their news.

I could care less how long the baseball season goes on for. I will never complain about having too much baseball. If you ask me there isnt enough baseball.

Holmer said...

Hey. I love the added pressure that the weather brings come late October. I was giving a facetious answer to markie's baseball pessimism.

tfrezac2002 said...

I love MLB, any way I can get it. And you can bet come 2010 I'll be at the T(thats what I've decided to call the new joint because I have a good vibe like that with Target) no matter the weather. I have to admit what I'm waiting for most is rain delays. It is the only time I will drink at a ballgame. But, I totally agree that there are too many off days in the post season.

P.S. I hate Bud Selig.