Friday, October 10, 2008

Lost Posts: Santana Trade Targets

Editors note: Last offseason, we spent a lot of time on the Santana issue. While digging through our unpublished drafts, I found this little gem...

With the impending trade of Johan Santana, this will probably be one of Alright Hamilton's last posts, as there will be nothing to write about such a terrible team. Yup, might as well just shut it down until 2010, because there is no way we can compete in 2008. Unless... new GM Billy Smith somehow pulls off a great trade. Let's take a look.


Although Brian Cashman and the rest of the Yankees brass disagree, Steinbrenner appears willing to dangle Phil Hughes. He pitched very well last year before going down with an injury, but scouts agree that with his fine mechanics, it's doubtful he'll ever spend time on the DL again. He's kindof like the Heath Ledger of baseball - he has no where to go but up. Along with Melky Cabrera and Ian Kennedy, two guys who have left their minor league careers behind, this package is almost too good to be true. If we don't take those boys from the Yankees, they will surely carry them to a championship in '08.

Red Sox

The Red Sox are allegedly willing to deal Jed Lowrie and Justin Masterson, with the centerpiece being either Jake Ellsbury or Jon Lester. This deal wouldn't really do much for the Twins. There is no way Jon Lester could possibly be a good pitcher in the majors. The guy had cancer - probably still does. He's a lot like the Governor of Alaska - sure, he's around, but no one will ever know who he is.

I'm not sure about these other guys either, we just don't need a shortstop, because we have Adam Everett. And we have too many outfielders, despite former first round pick Denard Span's attempts to suck forever. Delmon Young is a great clubhouse fit and will surely hit 30 bombs. We don't need Justin Masterson, as we already have an abundance of quality young pitching ( like Boof Bonser) and we'll probably sign a crafty, rotation mainstay in Livan Hernandez. Our bullpen is set, with Guerrier, Crain, Neshek and Reyes ready to shut them down in '08.

Other Teams Interested

The Mets are not willing to part with Jose Reyes or David Wright, and they won't have the major league ready talent to land Santana. If they somehow get him for a bunch of green prospects, the Twins might as well throw in the towel for three years. But no matter who the Twins get for Johan, 2008 will probably be a race between the White Sox and Twins...for last place.

Well I think that's a pretty sound analysis of this situation. I'm feeling pretty confident in my grasp of the future, so I'm going to go put some money on the Patriots, invest some dough in Washington Mutual, and call it a day.


Holmer said...

HAHA! What the hell was going through our minds? We are certainly experts of predicting the future here at AH! I once thought that a rejuvenated Spreewell and Cassel would bring rings to our lowly Timberwolves. I also conjured up the notion that Brett Boone would wow us with a Shannon Stewart type August and September of '03, leading us to at least the ALCS. And after performances such as "My Girl" and "Home Alone", I was sure that Macaulay Culkin would be the greatest actor of our time. It's a good thing I haven't put any money in to Wall Street, I'd be sitting with Randolf and Mortimer underneath a Central Park bench.

Daymonster said...

I'd say we were pretty spot on.

soup said...

HAHA. Nice Haas.

I actually thought it was ligit until the Ledger comment.

I heard he was killed by an Olsen Twin.

Libby said...

I love reading stuff like that: " . . .a race between the White Sox and Twins . . .for last place." The essence of being a sports fan- as much as you can (try to) predict what will happen, there is always hope- and that is what brings us back to watch year after year. This was my summer for baseball- follow the stats, attend several games, cheer on our Twins. And I can't say I was disappointed. There were several missed opportunities this year which leaves room for knowing we can improve and be a kick ass team NEXT year! The Twins have shown to be versitile, flexible. As Gardy said in training camp- "We're going to make a team out of this group." And that's what he did. And that's what he'll do next year. (by the way- where's the next blog on how awesome Gardy is?!)

-Libby from the Kitty Cat Klub

haasertime said...

daymonster helped out by writing two of the three zingers. Its a real team effort here at AH.

ah, I'm glad you found us Libby from the Kitty Kat Klub. Stick around.

We could do a post on how awesome gardy is..from the viewpoint of his goatee.

Libby said...

Goatee-haha. Sounds like a great storyline! (Might all need to meet and throw around some ideas . . .don't forget to bring your Mr. Roger's sweaters!) :-)

bizmarkie507 said...

anyone notice how awesome Gardy looks when he's wearing the Oakleys, and how terrible he looks when he's not wearing them?

And Haas you spelled KCK wrong,

thats just racist.

Daymonster said...

Granted I helped write it but this is one of my favorite posts yet.

Sche0707 said...

why would you ever think a 1 year deal with a old injury prone SS would block a SS prospect I prefered the red sox deal with Lester and Lowrie or Lowrie and Ells.

haasertime said...

ahh... some people just don't understand sarcasm.

Daymonster said...

Sche your sarcasm detector is broken.