Sunday, October 12, 2008

I hate the AH! robot.

just kidding. I love you.

Sorry, I just really had to get that off my chest.


haasertime said...

nice. we need a Turketron 3000 robot for thanksgiving too.

TwinsWin83 said...


bizmarkie507 said...

sweet robot, as long as he doesn't do stupid dances. unless he jumpstyle dances. then he wins.

Did youy guys notice they have that robot hitting baseballs when they promote the upcoming world series?

Now we're going to be able to watch that stupid robot every game of the world series doing baseball things.

Die, fox, die.

Holmer said...

As long as he sticks to Hitting bombs, fielding grounders and flyballs, I'm fine with it. I wouldn't mind seeing a ring-him-up dance as seen in Naked Gun3.14 or whichever one it was.

Daymonster, can you make our robot dance in the bottom corner, while we enjoy blogging? Jumpstyle of course.