Thursday, October 23, 2008

Generic Notes

By Michael Haas

- Fox is playing the Eye of the Tiger while they show Phillies highlights and fade to commercials. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only person in the whole world who doesn't like Fox Sports. I really do.

- These playoff games are taking forever. For. Ev. Er. I mean, Game 1 was exciting, and it had what most baseball fans like to see, but damn all these games take so long to play. Reusse blamed the walk in a column last week, but I'm going to go out on a limb and blame.... Fox and TBS and their endless commercials, and the fact that they have to squeeze in so many Rocky references.

- Chris Coste, the former Northern Leaguer and Concordia - Moorhead alum, was the starting DH for the Phillies last night. He's a lot like Rocky Balboa.

- Ever wonder how much black market World Series go for? Me too. I looked at craigslist, and found that the cheapest tickets for Tampa games were about $150. Naturally, tickets in Philly were a lot more spendy, the cheapest I found was $250. Not even Rocky Balboa could afford that.

- Stadium update: The supports for the canopy are going up, so the stadium is about as tall as it's going to get. The scoreboard construction is starting soon, which will be nine times, (9 times) as big as the Metrodome's.

Nine Times

Other stuff, non-baseball related.

This video has made it's rounds on the internets lately, but it's worth seeing again.

Unbelievable. I'm surprised South Carolina didn't walk off the field and demand a new ref after that.

- The only guy on Kfan who sorta knows baseball just got arrested. This is the same guy who got suspended by FSN north after he yelled at a ref during an intermission at a Gopher hockey game, while on the job. I guess crack would be the logical next step.

- Gaborik wants out of Minnesota. And he has a mysterious injury. And he wants a huge contract. Those ingredients don't exactly add up to a good trade for the Wild. But what do I know, it's hockey.

- The funniest Video you'll see this week:

Best Man Faints and Falls Backward -

That guy falls harder than Apollo Creed.


brex said...

You just think it's boring because the Twins aren't playing.

Fox is annoying, get McCarver off TV.

Radio personality caught with drugs? No way... I always admired them for being sober while talking for 4 straight hours.

Daymonster said...

No, the playoff games on TBS and FOX take waaay too long. According to my cable schedule on my TV the game was supposed to end about an hour prior.

The game took 3hours and 23 min. For a 3-2 score, that's pretty long.

soup said...

I feel bad for Puffy. In every way he was the loveable loser that we all root for. I hope he comes back. But crack? Come on, Puffy. You are better than that. I was hoping maybe Vicodin, but crack?

Is Byrnzy still doing Fox coverage. Please tell me they still go crazy over how crazy he is.

People falling down = funny everytime.

Clubber Lang was the best boxer Rocky ever fought. If you disagree you are an idiot.

bizmarkie507 said...

yeah its sad that I was routing against the Dodgers, because I couldn't stand how Fox played that terrible I Love LA song every other commercial break. Fox is like George Lucas. They both started off really awesome, but now they've lost touch with what is sweet. And now they both suck.

If you want to get rich just write some super cheesy shit song about a MLB franchise in a city that nobody cares about. Like Baltimore or something. Fox would gobble that up.

Tricia said...

The one Ferris Bueller reference was awesome.

Maybe Fox uses so many Rocky references because they're too lazy to learn anything else about the Phillies or the city they play in.

TwinsWin83 said...

I was so totaly bummed to hear about Puffy. Makes you wonder how many mornings he was tweaked out of mind while we were listening to him. He was honetly one of my favorites on KFAN. He was a nice equalizer to PA's non-stop Vikings-talk crap.

Crack was suprising to hear. Puffy wasnt messing around.

How much would you pay to hear PA play a soundbite of Lawerence Taylor from the WaterBoy movie saying "Which bring me to my next point, dont smoke crack" and then the "Puffy" soundbite play right after?

Holmer said...

twinswin, that would probably make me pull over and laugh for a solid five minutes on the shoulder of the freeway.

I think that ref was having glory-days flashbacks of somebody running him over on the goaline. What a gomer.

Did ya'll see this,