Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Support our Troop - Chicago Trip

By AH! Staff

AH! contributor Tony F. Rezac comes home from Iraq on September 5th. But instead of staying home, we're throwing a party in Chicago! Everyone is invited.

This is a great moment, as our tireless efforts of protesting Tony's involvement in Iraq have finally been rewarded.


The Plan

The Twins play the White Sox on the south side the second weekend of September

Friday, September 7th, 7:11pm
Saturday, September 8th, 2:55pm (Fox game of the week)
Sunday, September 9th, 1:05pm

While in Chicago, the delegation will swim in Lake Michigan, look at things at the Art Institute, watch baseball outside and celebrate Tonys homecoming by sharing drinks and laughs with friends.

We also hope to meet up with some Illinoisans (Tom, Tim, Mike, Phil, Krystal, Robin, Megan, Brandon)

There will be three camps of people heading down from Minneapolis.

Workin' It Camp

will be made up of individuals who have to work on both Friday, the 7th and Monday, the 10th. This camp cannot leave until around 6pm on Friday, as they have to work until around 5pm. This group will also need to leave Chicago sometime Sunday afternoon, to assure rest for Monday morning at work. (about 7 hours Minneapolis to Chicago)

Freedom Tastes of Reality Camp

This group may or may not leave for Illinois in time for the Friday night game. Additionally, they may not have responsiblities for Monday, so they may stay in Chicago as long as they want or join..

Road Warrior Camp

The Twins play the Royals in Kansas City on

Monday, September 10th, 7:05pm
Tuesday, September 11th, 7:05pm
Wednesday, September 12th, 1:05pm

The Road Warriors (this includes Tony) plan to drive from Chicago to St. Louis (4.5 hours) on Sunday evening or Monday morning. While there, we will go to the Budweiser Brewery and visit friends. Then we'll drive across the state to Kansas City (3.5 hours) to watch the Twins play ball, and hopefully return to Minnesota (6 hours) by Thursday.


Travel - shouldn't be too much if we have more than two people per vehicle, tolls equal about 5 bucks per car each way.

Lodging - some may stay with friends in the Chicago area. There are many cheap hotels around though too.

Food & drink - pretty much up to the individual on how much to eat and drink

Entertainment - Tickets to art museums and ballgames, shopping on Michigan Ave. Budweiser brewery in STL is free.

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brex said...

ahhhhh I'm so excited to join the "workin it" camp.

What about tix to the sox game/s? Internet buy or game day buy?

haasertime said...

gametime buy should work.

i'm joining the road warrior camp.

Daymonster said...

hmmm... i feel there is one camp that is neglected... the sit on your ass and wait for people to come camp.

Jenn Jenn Rainbow said...

moose-totally wish I could do this-i might try to work out getting into the work it camp-but my first soccer game is that sunday afternoon in duluth-so this may not work out :(