Monday, August 20, 2007

Adventures in Score Keeping - 17 K's

By Michael Haas

That game was super fun. It was clear that Johan Santana had his best stuff working in the first inning. Random thoughts on the game and the weekend:

- I wish Sammy Sosa would have stayed retired or somehow not have played in this game.

- It's too bad that this performance by Santana is just being used by many (especially the national media) to discuss Santana's future - a future probably without the Twins. It's like having the best girlfriend in the world but you have this feeling that everyone wants her, and she'll probably end up with some d-bag. Except worse.

- Santana not coming out for the 9th isn't really worth talking about. It would have been amazing and I'm sure he would have picked up at least one more K, but it was Joe Nathans spot. If you want to blame it on anything, blame it on the offense. If he would have had a larger cushion, he probably could have pitched the 9th.

- Speaking of offense, the Twins scored only THREE runs in this weekend series. Twins bats were 0-19 with runners in scoring position in the three games. Yet they still won two games.

- AH! contributors mentioned that Bert had said during yesterday's broadcast, "haven't you seen youtube? I have my own section on there." And he does. And it's hilarious.


TwinsWin83 said...

I think in a season that has been marked with extreme mediocrity Johan having a chance to come close to or even tie one of the sexiest records in baseball was something that shouldnt have been passed over as easily at it seemed to have been yesterday. It was very clear when he finished the 8th inning that he wasnt coming back out and he knew it yet seemed to be just fine with that fact. Once upon a time I was a pitcher myself and pitch count or no pitch count, if I was rolling like Johan was there would be no way I was coming out of the game and I would have let my coaches know it and hear it. That isnt to say I still wouldnt have been pulled but I woulda atleast put up some kind of epic fight to stay in the game. If this season continues on the way it has been going it will end up being a very forgettable campaign for the Twins and something like Johan gunning for 20 K's in the 9th could have been the one thing that every true fan would have remembered about 07.'

Daymonster said...


Jim H. said...

The scoreboard at the Dome had Santana at 113 pitches, as does your scorebook. The Strib said the final count was 112. It doesn't really matter, but I'm wondering which is correct.

I also wonder what Neshek was thinking to himself as he warmed up in the eighth. Maybe there will be something on his blog.

After the third inning or so, I'll bet Redmond invented a new sign: "Throw whatever the hell you want, El Presidente."

Daymonster said...

Redmond said that Santana didn't shake him off all game. Jim, I think your newly invted sign might explain that.

Also, now that Zambrano has been signed (5 yr 91+mil), could the Twins ever sign Santana for a similar deal? or are the Twins a) too cheap or worse b) is Santana way more expensive?

TwinsWin83 said...

way more expensive

haasertime said...

he'll easily be the highest paid pitcher ever.

we're stuck between a hard place and a rock on this one. could only get full value for him if we traded him during the offseason, and we won't do that - it would be like giving up on 2008.

he's going to walk, and unless we win the whole thing next year, all we'll have to show for his years of dominance is two draft picks and some memories.

bizmarkie507 said...

The projected large salary for Johan isn't what concerns me. It's his frustration with the organization. He knows that even if the Twins are willing to give him over 20 million a year, we're just gonna slash payrolls from other players and the Twins will be nothing more than mediocre.

Every passing day, I feel it is more and more necessary to trade him before next seasons deadline. In a perfect world, our extremely rich owner, Carl Pohlad, would increase the payroll and keep all our guys. But that just isn't going to happen. Trade him in a bidding war between Mets, Yankees, and Red Sox, and this offense could look pretty damn good in 2009 (along with a Santanaless rotation)

TwinsWin83 said...

oh so sad but true wuturt

soup said...

I don’t really buy the argument that “this is a business” when it comes to our payroll. There is nothing business-like about ascribing 52% of revenue to payroll no matter the circumstances. Every business invests and takes risk. I think the current Twins team is a solid 3rd baseman (when I say solid I mean someone of the: Blake, Atkins, Lowell, Beltre, Rolen, Glaus ilk) and a serviceable DH away from a run at the World Series in 08. From a business end it would make sense to invest in Santana and some offensive help.

The 20 K talk got me thinking about Kerry Wood. I went to and watched some video on him. He is absolutely filthy when healthy.

You could see it in the Rangers’ faces that all they were thinking while in the batter’s box was, “don’t look stupid, don’t look stupid.”

Holmer said...

simply amazing.