Wednesday, August 15, 2007


By Tom Daymont

I own a pair of Crocs®.

And I wear them regularly.

I bought my Crocs® at the Boston Marathon Fitness Expo in April of 2003. I’d like to say I was the first person to buy them, but I did know of one avid sailor who owned a black pair well before me.

Much to my party’s disgust I purchased a pair of tan Crocs® (at this point they only had the Cayman model) at a price of $25.00. I walked around for the rest of the trip in my comfortable yet fashionably inept footwear.

People would often ask me about my strange looking shoes, and I enjoyed the attention. As the months and years wore on I slowly began to see more and more elderly females, toddlers and nurses sporting the very same footwear.

Not too many items of clothing have spurned a debate quite like Crocs®. These foam resin clogs/sandals are both hated and loved. I, for one think they are some of the best sandals you can buy. They are as light as flip-flops (5-6oz.) without the trouble and pain that follows the dangerous beach sandals. They do not absorb water as is the trouble with popular leather sandals (other clogs, Birkenstocks®, etc.) And they float, which in my opinion is a necessity for any beach footwear.

The problem with these Crocs® is that in today’s society it is so easy (and often popular) to call things stupid or “retarded” before even trying the product. Much like my experience with mopeds, people are so quick to think they are “gay”, but as soon as you get that 50ccs of power between your legs, you’ll never want to ride anything else again (unless it’s raining).

The moral of the story is, Crocs®, much like the Zubaz®, will make a triumphant return someday, and I, will gladly wait it out.


brex said...

Whenever I see those things I think about you wearing them and I vow never to like them because I know you would get your little jollies from being a trend setter.

Comeback? Croc's is a $4+ billion company.

Also, when did Zubaz make a comback?

haasertime said...

crocs are functional. but they're ugly. and thats my opinion.

"There was a mild, yet short lived, rebirth for the brand in the early 2000's as amateur athletes began sporting the long pants during various carpet game exhibitions."

Daymonster said...

carpet game exhibitions?

and I have never claimed to be a trend setter... although I was the first in Nfld to have Heely's those shoes with wheels and a Razor Scooter.

Daymonster said...

Bres, also, what i meant to say eventually crocs will fall out of favor and even further down the road they will make their comeback.

Sorry, I rushed this piece after my review of the TV series Weeds was brutal.

Karin said...

Crocs are fugly. They get rocks and stuff in them really easily and they offer just as much support as regular flip-flops which are far more stylish and practical. You're paying $30 to wrap styrofoam around your feet. Plus, if you're thinking you could wear Crocs sailing and you wouldn't slide right off the boat, well, you're wrong.

I stick to Reef flipflops. They are insanely comfortable and mostly not ugly. They float too. I don't know of any flipflop that doesn't float.

Also, I may be completely sexist, but I totally judge every guy I see wearing Crocs.

But that's just me.

soup said...

Wow, I thought I was ahead of the trend when I got my crocs in june of 04. I think I was the first person to have crocs at my college. I was laughed at at first, but then they caught on. I was also the first to wear a john kitna seatle seahawks jersey...that surprisingly hasn't caught on.

If I didn't wear socks with them my feet got really sweaty.

I never really factor in buoyancy when choosing footwear. I don't find myself in too many situations where I need footwear in water. I haven't been sailing much lately...or at all...ever. I bet crocs would make great shoes for clamming.

soup said...

great feel good story

tfrezac2002 said...

I have only worn Crocs a couple of times I found, much like soup, that socks are needed if you don't want to get sweaty gooey foot syndrome. Wearing socks being one of my least favorite things, right behind having sweaty gooey feet, I took an immediate dislike to having the light weight foam on my feet.
I for one will stick with my Rainbow Flipflops, I find nothing beats their support and comfort.

pupperwupper said...

....when one has torn cartilage like me, and you find some thing that works to alleviate the pain, one does not care what one looks like to others!!! ..also my heel spurs do not hurt when I wear my Crocs, I am going to buy a pair of the souped up medical version soon to add to my shoe collection. I think the Birkis(15+ pairs!) I wore for years gave me the heel spurs! They are soooo hard! Those Germans!I do agree the sweating can be a problem especially in OKC at 100+degrees, light footie socks seem to work, but I can't wear them for long durations in the heat. I don't know about Crocs being ugly or not,that's subjective, but I do like the bright colors....what about those black tie events? Hmmmm...Crocs inventors get on that one. I guess the brights aren't good for most men folk. have you seen the team Crocs?

TwinsWin83 said...

Weeds is pretty solid and I hear its coming back for another season