Monday, August 13, 2007

Inspring People, Changing Lives (tooting our own horn)

By Michael Haas

With great pleasure, we here at AH! announce that two of our contributors have started their own blogs. Carburetors have to be really special to get spun off. (ie Gomer Pyle) Our friend Pat McCarthy emailed me to say that he finally began his own blog. He used to send emails to me and other friends and family from Europe when he was over there and it looks like he's begun to use the blog format to chronicle some of those same European experiences. Heres what Pat wrote in his first blog post, entitled "manifesto"

I have likely been in the majority in dismissing blogs. Blogs are overrated, all they are is a place for people to write a bunch of crap saying how superior they or their views are, or how much this or that sucks, seems to be the general consensus among people that I've talked to. I did not know anyone who had a blog or who actively read blogs, until Haas. My thinking started in 1 A.H. (!) (After Haas or Alright Hamilton!-the blog that he created for much the same reason that I am now), I enjoyed going to the site reading rants, thoughtful dissertation, stupid or sarcastic humor, all of which I enjoyed immensely. After a bit of thinking, I was predominantly reading blogs while online: the aforementioned Alright Hamilton! (henceforth AH!), Uniwatchblog, and The Soul of Baseball, along with other blog style columnists. Harboring dreams of someday writing something relevant or wide reaching, and after urging from my girlfriend to start one, I figured what the hell - if I don't like it or I suck, then I can stop.

We look forward to reading Pats blog and hope he can come back to AH!

Additionally, he invites guest posters. So hopefully we can do some cross posting and what not. Should be fun.

I also received this note from Krystal, our friend and one time contributor to AH!

I'm going to be writing a Twins blog! I responded to a craigslist ad. A company in NY is putting together blogs for every team in the country with one superfan for each team. Their website is, but the blogs won't come out til mid-August.

It doesn't look like it's up quite yet, but we look forward to seeing it. Sounds like she might even get paid to do that. What a gig!

Other Notes

- The Rams defeated the Vikings on Friday night, in a very good game. For some reason, the starters were replaced by their backups before halftime, when the score was close. And the game was still tight when most of the backups were replaced by 3rd stringers. very odd indeed. The Rams won, and the AH! MVP of the game was Mark Setterstrom. Setterstrom drank the blood of all the Vikings and crushed the Purple defense as if they were paper dolls, leading the way for the 13-10 Rams victory.

- The Rick Ankiel story is great.

- Want to get depressed but well informed about whats been wrong with the Twins this season? Read Gleeman's Monday post.

- Want to get depressed but well informed about the future of the Twins? Read Jayson Stark's Monday column.


Jim H. said...

Being depressed about the Twins is easy -- just look at the standings. Being well-informed about the reasons doesn't relieve the depression. Gleeman's post is pretty good, but I do miss Bat-Girl and her ability to bring some silliness and sass to the downcast fans.

Daymonster said...

no wonder no one posts anymore (besides haas) everyone is trying to do their own thing.

It didn't work for the backstreet boys and it wont work for us.

Come back.

bizmarkie507 said...

I dunno, JT's solo career has taken off

soup said...

Rick Ankiel is less of a great story if he takes time away from chris duncan and chris duncan is on your fantasy team.

hAasErTiMe said...

dude. Soup, I feel your pain. Duncan is on my team too. Of course I didn't read the news on his cold bat and reduced playing time until my roster was set for this week. And I'm currently one slot out of the playoffs. but i try not to let fantasy baseball interfere with my being a baseball fan.

most absurd comment of the past week goes to:



brex said...

JT wasnt a backstreet boy, he was N'Sync. But I do agree with you wuter. I'm a fan of JT.